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Did you catch SNL last night? I assume not. While I was self diagnosing what looks like Celiac Disease, I caught SNL and check out who dropped by…

I can see the jokes coming in now…3 Jewish Boys in a room…

I guess visiting a comedy skit show would be the most effective way to develop this very rich man’s social skills. I love how nothing is taken too personally around here.


It’s no secret we love cute baby videos on our blog. Here’s one cautioning inexperienced palates against grapefruit.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Inspired by your recent baking efforts, I thought I’d get my hands a little dirty as well.
Enter a family favorite… bread pudding (with that sauce that has a kick, of course). It’s really easy to make and you don’t need to fumble with electric mixers of any kind.

Here’s how it went.

You need to chop up the bread – in this case, whole wheat sliced bread. And let it have a nice long swim in milk.

While that’s soaking, mix together all these ingredients…

… in a separate bowl. The consistency will be granular. Apparently, that’s ok.

When that’s done, grease a bowl (giant ramekin) with melted butter.

Hopefully by this time, your bread-milk mixture us a homogenized mush. If it isn’t and you’re impatient as I was, get a a fork or your fingers and mash away.

So you should have three bowls now.

Pour the granular mixture into the bread mush. Mix well. Then pour all of that into the greased bowl. Mix well so the butter gets incorporated into the mixture.
And that’s pretty much it!!

Pop that sucker in oven for about 2 hours – until set and golden brown on the outside.

Now for ze sauce…

Beat eggs till lemon yellow in color then slowly add in the sugar.

Don’t dump it in all at once. You’re going for sprinkle-beat-sprinkle-beat till all the sugar’s used up and it looks like this:

Then add in some piping hot butter but do NOT beat. Mix slowly. (Don’t ask me why, that’s what the index card said hahaha). Here’s the sauce with the butter. See the streaks of yellow?

Now’s the fun part. Bring in a good friend.

You need at least 4 tablespoons for that kick 🙂

And when all is said and done – indulge!

Clap, clap, clap. It turned out beautifully. Just the way it’s supposed to taste.

Stuck in traffic, in the midst of dangerously frigid weather while visiting clients, Little Twin Officemate and I strolled down 1980’s sitcom lane and had a blast singing the TV themes that shaped our (and your) childhood.  Do you remember…

Larry and Balky?

Punky Brewster?

Tony and Sam?

That joint you go where everybody knows your name ?

The Greatest American Hero?

And who can forget Alex, Mallory and the other kid?


This cold!

Photo credit:

There is somebody roaming aimlessly around the East Village today with a very big car problem.  When I woke up this morning, it was 6 F.   Thats only about -15 C. Brrrrrr!

I’m not sure if I told you but our last retriever, Bailey, went to doggy heaven a few weeks ago.

And LittleTwinDad made the usual declarations he makes whenever one of our canines passes on.

Dad: We shouldn’t have dogs anymore. It’s just too sad when they die – so no more dogs for us.
Rocio: Why lolo? What if a dog wants a human? Does the dog think about if the human will die??

He got a huge animal picture book over the holidays. So one of his favorite things to do is to go through the book and be asked what’s this and what’s that and he’ll name them all.

We came across this:

Lala: And what’s this?
Mikel: Down know.
Lala: Yes, you do… It’s a zee…
Mikel: Zeeraff?

Good thing he’s a handsome boy…

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