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A Christmas Festival

Posted on: December 21, 2010

The Christmas Festival at the Acacia Waldorf School is always a big deal. This was the first time we actually experienced the Festival because as you might remember, Rocio was sick and in the ER last year.

Traditionally, the Festival starts with the kids taking a twilight walk with the daddies at around 430pm. However, since it decided to rain (for the first time in weeks!) on Sunday, the walk had to be cancelled. Such a pity because my kids were so looking forward to it and LittleTwinHub left work early just to be sure he didn’t miss it. I like the idea of the walk because it’s symbolic of how discovering the spirit of Christmas is a journey.

Anyway, while the dads and the kids are walking (or this year, playing), the mommies were busy decorating the tree. I’ve never seen a tree done up this way…

Can you tell what’s hanging on it?

Fruits! Cookies! Chestnuts! Roses! And yes, REAL candles πŸ™‚ Isn’t it so pretty and rustic?
More on the tree later.

Part of the Festival is of course the students’ presentation – starting with a medley of Christmas songs from the school orchestra.

The program began with the fall of Adam and Eve and sort of fast forwarded to Mary and Joseph. My pictures from here on out kinda suck because it got dark and we were asked NOT to use our flash. Let me just tell you that our nativity scene had a real carabao and real sheep!

Here’s my little village girl with a lantern she made herself, lighting the path to the manger.

After the nativity scene, everyone moved towards the tent where the tree was. At this point it was panic lighting time for the mommies.

Here are the manongs getting ready to pull up the tarp for the big reveal.

When every single candle was lit, we hit the lights, the tarp came up and this is what the kids saw as they were singing Christmas carols…

After the singing, the kids got their special handmade gifts from the Baby Jesus – awww…

It was a really lovely evening. Praying for better weather next year!


4 Responses to "A Christmas Festival"

Oh wow! I’m getting goosebumps imagining the tree unveiled while the kids sing Christmas carols. Did they sing Once in Royal David City? Thats my favorite Christmas song….

I can’t remember hahaha πŸ™‚
I think it was Oh Come All Ye Faithful.
I was too worried about the tree burning.
Seriously, some moms were holding bottles of water to be sure.

What a great way to celebrate Christmas! Did you keep and light an advent wreath at home?

I want to do that with the kids next year!

not this year! too busy with the baby :s
but i will next year – with an advent table and all πŸ™‚

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