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An Advent Fair To Remember

Posted on: December 13, 2010

Every year on the day before Advent Sunday, The Acacia Waldorf School holds its annual Advent Fair to usher in the Christmas season. What I so love about this event is that it is so different from other school fairs – so different.

There’s no blaring music or annoying announcements or in your face sponsors. Instead what you hear is mostly the cacophony of kids having pure fun. There are no fancy gimmicks, games or rides. Just a few simple, activities which kids of the 21st century don’t get to do often enough.

Here’s what my kids enjoyed that day.

Petting the animals…

(Well, OK maybe the Pappy enjoyed this more than this little boy who is clearly keeping a safe distance from the goat kid…)

This, I thought was just too cool. A rope course put together right on the school grounds by two dads!

Of course, a certain little girl tried it out for herself.

There were pony rides which one little boy was a bit hesitant about.

And when he eventually got on, it suddenly looked like the pony should be riding the rider…

There were carabao rides too. We need to get a wagon like this for the farm. I know seven little kids who would love taking this for a spin in Pinugay.

I forgot to take pictures of the kids’ work on display as well as the great, all-natural, organic stuff on sale. And the fabulous “pocket lady” who was all decked out in feathers and wore a huge pocketed apron. In each pocket, she had some kind of trinket which the kids could buy for P20. Lots of fun!

Oh well, there’s always next year.


1 Response to "An Advent Fair To Remember"

Organic, is the first word that comes to mind. It seems Pappy had more fun than our Lil Kim. I wanna go next year!

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