Kiki & Lala

Rocio-isms 17

Posted on: December 3, 2010

Again, on the car ride to the hospital.

Rocio: What will they do with you after the baby’s born?
Lala: Well, they’ll wheel me into the recovery room. I’ll have to stay there for an hour or two then I can go up to the room.
Rocio: And then what?
Lala: Then, I’ll have to lay flat on my back till the afternoon or I might get a bad headache. Then maybe they’ll let me eat soup.
Rocio: Like easy food?
Lala: Yes! Food that’s easy to digest. In fact they’ll ask you if you were able to fart. They won’t let you go home till you fart.
Rocio: Why??
Lala: Because it means that your insides are ok.
Rocio: Well, that would be easy for me! When I’m nervous and then I’m not anymore, I just keep farting and farting!



1 Response to "Rocio-isms 17"

I cannot imagine that little girl “farting and farting”! She’s so funny!

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