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Because we just can’t stop talking about that snow storm, I am sharing with you this awesome short movie, Idiot With A Tripod, made by Jamie Stuart – this amateur film maker. Everyone is calling it Oscar worthy for its technical proficiency and its homage to the Silent Film, Man With A Movie Camera.  I just think it’s entertaining and quite haunting.  Check it out.

Cool no?


It felt like the worst snow storm in my almost 6 years here.  But apparently the one in February 2006 was even worse.   A State of Emergency was declared throughout the state of New Jersey, all 3 major airports were shut down and The City was in a standstill – no bus service and no trains.   I couldn’t even look out my window as the window sill accumulated so much snow.  I was literally snowed in.  Here are some shots I took on my way to work this morning.

This is how my street looked like this morning.   Thank goodness my street was already plowed.

Pity the fool who owns this car…

This is the 4th street park I pass everyday.  Check out the playground buried in snow.

After the snow storm, comes the gross, grey slush.  Eeew!

Show this to your Little Twin Brats…perhaps they’d like to come visit me in the winter?

A few weeks ago I caught this interesting documentary called Running the Sahara. It was produced by Matt Damon and directed by James Moll. Being snowed in (again!) today, I thought I’d watch it in its entirety.  What inspiration!  It documents the journey of 3 runners who made the commitment to run the entire Sahara Dessert to raise awareness for a continent we almost always easily forget.


Charlie Engle, Expedition Leader



Ray Zahab from Canada



Kevin Lin from Taiwan

By running through this dessert they wanted to get to know the people and shed some light on the alarming lack of potable water in Africa.  What was projected to take 80 days stretched to 111 days.  In those 111 days they ran 7,300 Km (4,500 m) starting in Senegal and ending at the Red Sea just below the Suez Canal.  They ran an equivalent of 160 marathons! Here’s a trailer I found to give you an idea.


I’m pasting this video because I like the song in the background – Given to Fly by Pearl Jam

With the runners came a team of equally committed professionals – from doctors to explorers – that made sure that the runners were safe, nourished and motivated.  They ran through Christmas and New Years and in those 111 days they did not skip a day running.

Those days were not short of drama.  Egos clashed, emotions were high, friendships were tested and even safety was compromised just to achieve this lofty goal.

This whole documentary was riveting.  And you know the kind of sucker I am for break-out-of-your-comfort-zone stories like this.  What struck me most was how water, a commodity we take for granted, is so scarce and precious over there.  Before watching this movie, my idea of low water supply was that drought one summer where we found Natasha, in a dark bathroom, tirelessly filling pails of water.

This is the continent’s only access to potable water.


Well in a village in Timbuktu, Mali


While running, they found a 7 year old boy left for 2 days in the middle of the dessert to tend to the family’s cattle while his parents look for water.  I’ve been trying to find pictures or an excerpt of this part of the movie and I only found this trailer below.  At around 1:30, they will briefly feature the boy.   Imagine having to leave Kim in the middle of nowhere so you can travel for 2 days for water!

I am well aware that you do not have an endurance bone in your body but I think you will appreciate the audacity, the courage and the insanity these runners possess to make a very important statement.  Here’s to the Crazy Ones!

I forgive you (and my Mom) for forgetting to call me on Christmas.  While you were busy not calling me, this is how I spent my Christmas Eve.

Cute Moroccan lamps to accent the Christmas table.

Starters consisting of Jamon Serrano, Caviar, Oysters, Salmon paired with bubbly.

Roast, Ham, Paella (made by me) and a variety of mouth watering sides…

After that glutton-fest we served uber thick Tsokolate-eh (made by me) paired with Ensaymada.

The night was filled with food, laughter and a lot of fun.

Thanks to hostess with the mostest, Chris and Irene, for this fabulous Christmas dinner and for taking the time to adopt this fortunate bunch of NYC orphans.

I thought I’d share with you some pics I took on my trip to SoCal.   After our meeting (I shall share with you the exciting developments of that meeting soon), we decided to drive to The OC for lunch.  We ended up in a quaint Castillan inspired town called San Clemente, CA (of Moonpools and Caterpillars).   Coming from 20 degree weather, this beachside locale was a welcome change for me.

This is the pier that juts out to the Pacific Ocean.

Apartment buildings and townhouses overlooking the beach.  It would be difficult to for me to live by the ocean.  I’d never go to work.  Everyday would feel like a vacation!

Surfer dudes trying to catch THE wave before they call it a day.

Sun worshippers laying out for the perfect California tan.

Now I know this beach pales in comparison to our Philippine beaches but for a sun deprived, currently snowed in east coaster like me, this is the closest I got to tropical nirvana.

As I write this post, snow is falling relentlessly outside.  So its a bit surreal for me to think I was driving, no…speeding through summer like weather not too long ago.  Well at least I got a White Christmas…

Those lovely little boys of Libera whose rendition of Once In Royal David’s City you posted were in Manila last year. And guess what they can sing…

Thought I’d help you awaken the Christmas Spirit lying dormant deep deep inside you.  This is my favorite Christmas hymn (as you know) and after seeing this I finally started feeling Christmas (and homesick).

Can you imagine our very own Kim singing this in a Christmas choir?   Not! Hahaha…

Now let me jolt you with some Christmas Rock (thanks to Train’s Shaking Up Christmas) with this cool Coca-Cola Snow Globe commercial.   Thought it was cute.  If only Santa could “shake” us into feeling the Christmas spirit like we did when we were children.

So are you feeling it now?


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