Kiki & Lala

Kiki Does Dallas

Posted on: November 24, 2010


Goosebumps!! You know that intense, proud feeling we had during EDSA ’86?  Well it was kind of like that – that feeling of brother/sisterhood.  The Cowboys Stadium was dominated by Margarito fans from nearby Mexico but we managed to make our presence felt in the most profound way possible, simply by being ourselves – united, patriotic, proud and respectful. Even before Manny came out and obliterated this poor guy’s face, I was already mighty proud to be Filipino!  So proud its making me homesick!

I was so in awe of this event that I didn’t really take good pictures and I totally regret it because it was such a cool stadium and the dense energy that packed this place was really worth capturing.  So please bear with these awful pictures.

Here’s a shot of the behemoth Cowboys Stadium filled with rabid fans. Apparently the top is like a hatch that opens up.  Thank God it stayed close because it was way too chilly that night.

I think this was the Elorde fight.  Awful shot, sorry!

And here I am after the fight, high with patriotism and feeling so proud of our humble fighter, Manny!

This was an awesome experience.  I’ve never been to a sporting event that brought out the best in us Filipinos.  Truly, truly a proud moment.  I’m glad I went : )


2 Responses to "Kiki Does Dallas"

did you tear when they played the national anthem?
who did you steal that flag from?

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