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Ditching The Itch

Posted on: November 11, 2010

As you know I’ve been scratching myself like a gorilla lately due to the gestational hassle of having very dry skin. I feel like I’ve tried TONS of products and none give total relief. However, I think I may have come across a combination of products that has at least taken the edge off the itch.

Soaps tend to strip our skin of our natural oils so I thought I’d start with a real moisturizing bar:

Then after cleansing with that, I slap on generous amounts of your recommendation (thank you):

After patting (not rubbing!) myself dry, I top it all off with this:

Specifically, the yellow “ginger whipped body souffle” to the right called Queen Zakiya’s Charm by Venus & Mars Naturals. It’s made of emu oil (an ingredient which requires another post altogether), rosehip oil, ginger essential oil and shea butter. It smells delightful, absorbs very quickly and it’s grease factor is zero.

So far so good. Wish me luck!


2 Responses to "Ditching The Itch"

[…] Ditching The Itch « Kiki & Lala […]

You must be as slippery as a seal by now! I’m eager to try the venus and mars body souffle. I myslef have been itching due to dry weather, not pregnancy.

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