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I’ve noticed lately that my daughter loves barging into the bathroom when I’m there – regardless of what I’m doing. So picture this…

I’m hunched over the sink, trying to brush my teeth with a belly nine months big getting in the way and I’m not exactly full clothed.

Rocio: Hi mom!! Oh… do you know what I see?
Lala: What?
Rocio: There’s a Hidden Mickey in here!… And it’s your stomach and your boobs! (laughs, amused with herself).
Lala: (speechless, looks at daughter with one annoyed eyebrow raised)
Rocio: (makes a thumbs up) Good one, right? That was a good one?


As my Thanksgiving Chef has since moved to London (boohoo!), I thought this year would be a great time to brave the cold and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. So when wonder-twin Addie suggested we go, I jumped at the chance.  One of the things I love about hanging with the Wonder Twins is that they’ve lived here all their lives and they are still happy to do tourist-y activities like watching the parade.  Simple stuff.

And so we hatched this grand plan to meet at 9 am somewhere along Central Park West to catch the front end of the parade.  So how did it go?  Let’s put it this way, I’d give us an A for planning and an F for execution.  We didn’t catch the front end of the parade, we caught the tail end!   We missed Kylie, Kanye and all the other celebs on floats.  But I got to see the tail end up close and it was well worth it.  So here are some shots I took of the parade.  These photos are a tad better than my fight photos.

Distant photo of Santa taken from Columbus Circle

Smurf shot from Columbus Circle

A better shot from 57th Street and 7th Avenue. Poor Smurf is being poked by that lamp post!

Here is a passing float of the ice queen

Another float of what looks like carolers to me

Little girl on her way to the post office to mail her letter to Santa

I don't know what these 3 are, but they look like man-fairies to me

Man-fairies up close

And who do we find at the very end of the parade?

Santa and Mrs. Claus!!!

This year has been a very very blessed year for you and me, VERY.  There is AT LEAST 365 things to be thankful for.  And on top of all that, I’m thankful for the Thanksgiving parade : ) Wish you were here!


Goosebumps!! You know that intense, proud feeling we had during EDSA ’86?  Well it was kind of like that – that feeling of brother/sisterhood.  The Cowboys Stadium was dominated by Margarito fans from nearby Mexico but we managed to make our presence felt in the most profound way possible, simply by being ourselves – united, patriotic, proud and respectful. Even before Manny came out and obliterated this poor guy’s face, I was already mighty proud to be Filipino!  So proud its making me homesick!

I was so in awe of this event that I didn’t really take good pictures and I totally regret it because it was such a cool stadium and the dense energy that packed this place was really worth capturing.  So please bear with these awful pictures.

Here’s a shot of the behemoth Cowboys Stadium filled with rabid fans. Apparently the top is like a hatch that opens up.  Thank God it stayed close because it was way too chilly that night.

I think this was the Elorde fight.  Awful shot, sorry!

And here I am after the fight, high with patriotism and feeling so proud of our humble fighter, Manny!

This was an awesome experience.  I’ve never been to a sporting event that brought out the best in us Filipinos.  Truly, truly a proud moment.  I’m glad I went : )

Thought you might find inspiration in this old ad from Apple. A friend introduced this to me and then I saw it again watching the Bloomberg Channel.  I love the video montage of all the “crazy ones”.

As Steve Jobs imparted in one of his graduation speeches a few years ago, STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH, Lala!

And off to work I go…

A friend lent me the DVD of The Mission.  I remember seeing it years ago but I don’t remember being as moved as I was watching it this time around.

If you remember, the movie is about these Jesuits evangelizing indigenous people living above a waterfall in the rain forests of South America. These Jesuits chose to be teach not by the sword but by immersing in and embracing the rich, raw and untouched culture of these indians.  This strategy resulted in a productive and bustling system of missions built for and with the locals. Doesn’t this sound so much like Gawad Kalinga?

Jeremy Irons stars as Gabriel, the fearless Jesuit priest who believed that nothing but love could conquer hatred and violence.

Robert de Niro stars as Mendoza, a mercenary who became a Jesuit.

He taught the indians how to fight for their territory against the Portugese.  He ended up fighting alongside the people he trained to save the land that rightfully belonged to the locals.

Everything about this film was excellent – the actors, the music, the beautiful scenery.  It’s as relevant as it was centuries ago as it was in 1986, when the movie was made, as it is today.  It’s interesting to observe that the issues that plagued their world then are the same sources of conflict we see in our world today.  The politics between church and state, the inflexibility of the Church, the taking of land from its rightful owners, the subordination of people who are thought to be less sophisticated – ALL THE SAME ISSUES.  We have not learned…

After watching this movie I remembered that I had a book resting in my shelf that might be related to this movie.  Do you remember this book?

Light Cavalry was written by the great Horacio de la Costa, S.J.  While this book only talks about how the Jesuits established the Society of Jesus in the Philippines, I thought that it touched on the same themes tackled by The Mission.  Reading this book now has been a richer experience for me.   As you are the bigger history nerd between us, you might wanna watch the movie and read the book.  I’m enjoying myself.

And so my winter project begins.  Here is one of the many I will attempt to bake (and hopefully perfect).  I chose this for its aromatic spices.  No, not really.  I chose this because it looked easy enough for a beginner like me to do.  So may I present to you Chocolate Spice Bread.

What do you need?

All purpose flour, Baking powder

Salt, granulated sugar, dark brown sugar

2 eggs, unsalted butter, sour cream

Cocoa, fresh grated nutmeg, cinnamon powder and ginger powder

What do you do? Just mix em all together with a whisk

Cocoa, flour, baking powder, salt and spices

Eggs, sugar, butter and sour cream

Combine to make a thick and yummy batter

And Voila!

Ok fine! Mine didn’t turn out looking that nice.  Here is my version…

Sunog! Hahahaha!  Ok just the top but other than that, it was moist and flavorful.  I think I put the rack too high up in the oven hence the burned part.  My next try should turn out flawless!

I paired it with plum preserves and turned out quite good!

I should learn to art direct these photos better…til the next one!

Credits: The Modern Baker by Nick Malgieri

Did you know that after my Dad’s passing, House Resolution 1083 was issued in the Philippine Congress?  HR 1083 is a “Resolution expressing the profound condolence of the House of Representatives on the demise of Hon. Emigdio S. Tanjuatco, Jr., former Representative of the 2nd district of Rizal during the 8th, 9th, and 10th Congresses.”

I guess this is the protocol when one of their alumni passes away for their years of services rendered.  And I suppose we should appreciate this most stately gesture but don’t you think  there are other more significant ways to memorialize this man?  Here are some ways I thought they could do this.   In my perfect, self-absorbed world they could do the following.

1.  They can find a solution to make cancer treatments more affordable and accessible to the poor. They could also find a way to provide support to the families of those fighting cancer, a la Gilda’s Club.

2.  They could appropriate more funds to making the Philippines a non-smoking country

3.   They could appropriate more money to the Dept. of Health to fund an aggressive campaign promoting vigilance in going for check-ups for early cancer detection.

4.  They could appropriate funds to the Star Foundation so we can send more deserving kids to good schools and train teachers to better and more committed public servants.  (I know.  I was being self serving)

The list can go on.

I know I should be a little more respectful of this gesture but these people were given a mandate by their voters to make a positive difference in people’s lives.  I don’t see how HR 1083 does that.

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