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Shopping In The Garden Of…

Posted on: October 14, 2010


That’s the new line of versatile nursing and maternity wear by Bianca Araneta Elizalde that’s earning great reviews – and rightly so. Her concept is simple and practical but appealing – stylish, comfortable clothes for when you’re pregnant, nursing or not.

I was part of Eden’s fashion show recently but LittleTwinBrother took really crappy shots that would not do these lovely clothes justice. So here, all photo credits belong to the Eden website.

Let me start with the three outfits I wore in the show. First was the Eiffel – wear it as a dress or tunic.

The fabric’s stretchiness happily accommodates a baby bump… and there’s easy nursing access – yaay!

My second outfit (which I also ended up buying!) was sexeh! Here’s what Bianca calls the Duchess…

… and it too has the easy but discreet boobie access…

… notice how the ruching accentuates the big belly but hides the post-delivery bulge.

The last outfit I wore was all about her star product – The Infinitude – a cardi-wrap that you can wear in a myriad of ways. I must say, the styles suggested by Eden are the most creative I’ve seen so far.

For the show, I wore mine this way…

As a thank you Bianca gave all her model moms an Infinitude. I wore mine on Shop Talk like this to show off my big belly…

And here are a few more fun pieces that I think most girls – mom or not – would love to have in their closets.

The Aria tank…

The Diva dress/skirt…

The Opera multiway top…

How cute are those??
The prices are very reasonable considering the material and workmanship are of excellent quality. Can’t wait to see more stuff from this line!


4 Responses to "Shopping In The Garden Of…"

Nice! Such classic designs. I can so imagine you in these. Opera and Infinitude are my favorite.

i really like that i can wear them even if i’m not pregnant…
as boobie access is nice too ;p

Does she have anything that makes your non-lactating boobies look bigger? I’ll buy!

hahahaha 🙂
sorry, don’t think so but the plunging necklines are pretty flattering in themselves ;p

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