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Road Warrior

Posted on: September 30, 2010

I’m sorry that this has to be a bike na naman post but you actually might find this interesting.

So I recently bought me a single speed beater.   Her name is Cheetah and she is hot!

I’ve been using Cheetah for city riding, i.e. to and from the train station, riding around NYC, running errands around Hoboken, etc.  and I’ve been enjoying myself  immensely.   I’ve made it my winter project to beautify this beater a bit and have it ready for spring time riding.  I’ve also been looking for cool and functional clothes and accessories to go with my bike and have found some cute stuff worth sharing.   Check it out below.  Very urban chic, don’t you think?

This is Po Campo‘s Rack Tote in Tropical Sunset.   Will you give me this for Christmas?

Here is their Bungee handbag in solid silver vinyl.  I’d settle for this if you think the rack tote is too pricey.

This next one is just adorable.  It’s called the Spare Pocket and you just fasten it around your ankle, wrist or handlebar so it can be your wait for it, spare pocket.  Love it!

Here is another cute bike bag from Alexandra Cassaniti.  If you are not too sold on the newspaper print, you can get one in preppy blue and white stripes.

We move on to protective equipment like helmets.  Check out YAKKAY cycling helmets below.  I really like this Tokyo Blue Tech.  I can still look cute without sacrificing safety!

They also have the Paris and Cambridge helmets.

Now on to apparel. I like Outlier.  I’ll take this ultra soft tank top

With this yummy guy on the side.  Haha! Love his bike too!

i think it’s wonderful that some people found a way to marry fashion and functionality for city riders.  So cycling isn’t just all about aches, pain, sweat and pushing yourself to the limit in funny looking suits.  It’s also about cruising and taking the moment all in.  And if you can manage looking chic in the process then even better!


1 Response to "Road Warrior"

in fairness, cute stuff… especially the “disguised” helmets 🙂
will ask santa luigi for money to stuff your stocking since today’s my last day on the job whoohoo!

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