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New York City: Then and Now

Posted on: September 27, 2010

You’d think that a dynamic city like NYC would have had countless face changes.  You’d be surprised to see that such a change-centric city remains relatively unchanged.  It’s landscape at least.  I stumbled upon this website called that published photos of New York city streets in the days of yore and I was delighted to see how unchanged these streets are.  I don’t know why but for some reason I find comfort in that.  So check out them pictures below.

Here is the United Nations on the east side still under construction.

Look at it now, rising high in all its architectural splendor.  Can you find our flag?

This is Times Square before…

And Times Square now…still bustling with taller buildings!

This next one used to be called the RCA Building.  Guess what it is now?

Rockefeller Center!  Cool huh?

Photo Credit: Andrew Prokos

This was the Lower East Side before…

And look at the Lower East Side now…still the same!

Brooklyn Bridge then…

Brooklyn Bridge now…duh!  Sorry, thought I’d use this as space filler.

McSorley’s Old Ale House was around then

And it’s still around now! Same beer house where Dino and I had waaay too many beers.

Chinatown then…

And an over popoulated Chinatown today.

Cooper Union on Astor Place….

…is still standing today.

Bowery then…

Bowery now.  Still the same old pre-war walk ups.

Photo Credit: Robert Chin

I guess that’s what makes great cities like this one great: self-preservation.


1 Response to "New York City: Then and Now"

i agree completely.
it’s all about taking care of yourself whether you’re a person
or a city.

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