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Shining Through

Posted on: September 25, 2010

I was compelled to dig up this old video after chatting with you last night when we ended up talking about PAL.  Seriously now where has this carrier’s golden reputation gone?  This used to be Asia‘s premier airline. This was Asia’s FIRST airline! Wuh happened???  Btw, this reminds me of you and me and our back and forth trips to Hong Kong when you lived there.  Aaahhh nostalgia!

In my opinion, this probably was the last great PAL commercial produced.  I can’t remember the others,or if there were others at all.

So check out what else I found as I was sifting through old videos on You Tube.  Here is a TV campaign created by BBDO / Guerrero Ortega for the WOW Philippines campaign. Witty!

What about this next one?  Remember This? Catchy!

You’ll instantly know that this video was produced long ago when you see Sharon Cuneta so slim…heehee!

This next one is pretty recent. While it doesn’t directly promote the Philippines, it highlights everything there is to love about our country: beautiful destinations, soulful streets, talented  artists and unbelievably warm and friendly people.

So tell me, what’s not to love about this country? Perhaps we should first start with loving ourselves as a people and allowing that love and that beauty to shine through.


1 Response to "Shining Through"

yes! talk about nostalgia with that PAL commercial!
i remember it was a time the nation had so much hope; “at last it’s true… the FREEDOM of the philippines…”
i used to get goosebumps every time that would air on hk tv.
i guess the nation has a sort of renewed hope again now… but let’s put that hope into action.

as for the tara na biyahe tayo video… all i can say is, BUHAY PA SI FRANCIS M. NUN!!
i love that song – written by rico b. 🙂
i remember we showed that video when we were on exchange in brazil and it made us all more homesick.

well researched, kiki!

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