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Food, Food, Food!

Posted on: September 8, 2010

That pretty much sums up the summer.  Now do you understand why yogurt and fruit ONLY is a necessary dinner staple.  Here’s some of the naughty dishes I’v been indulging in…

The same guys behind Fatty Crab now serves us Fatty Cue where you can get lost in everything smoked and in my case, everything pork.  I was rather disappointed but I thought it was still worth sharing.

Malay Michelada

Pig with pineapple curry and bao buns. Pork ribs in the back.

Smoked brisket sandwich - winner!

As if pork was not enough, I had to have another hefty helping in Yerba Buena down in the West Village.   This place is awesome, really worth writing home about.

Arepas: coffee glazed pork belly with cabbage slaw

Fish tacos with chipotle mango slaw

YB Fries with avocado, heart of palm and watermelon instead of potatoes

Dessert was in Gottino a few restaurants down.  Guess what this is….

Nutella whipped with mascarpone. Heavenly!

And then of course there was the Labor Day BBQ.

Writing about this is already making me fat.  I badly need to work out!


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hmmm…. nutella whipped with mascarpone… must try…

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