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Posted on: August 27, 2010

I don’t know if you remember the world renowned pianist, Cecile Licad.  I only remember watching her in the 80’s in those random episodes of Concert at the Park…Paco Park, that is!

Apparently she’s been busy touring with jazz musician, Wynton Marsalis (pictured below) for the “Silent Movie”, Louis.

They’ll be in town on Monday, August 30 to premiere the movie at the very historic Apollo Theater.  (Side note: The same Apollo where my graduation was held 3 years ago, cool huh?).    Louis is a silent film with live musical accompaniment by Marsalis, Licad and a 10 piece jazz band.   The film pays tribute to Louis Armstrong and the birth of American music with turn-of-the-century New Orleans as its back drop.   It follows a young Louie dreaming of playing the trumpet when he meets a young woman that interrupts it all.   Interruption, thy name is woman!  (Heehee!)

I’m going to try to watch this and feel mighty proud to have one of our own whip out her “jazz hands”.  I’m also curious to see the marriage of the silent film and live music.  What an novel idea, right?  Plus listening to live jazz music in the lovely Apollo should be a new and  interesting experience for me.


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sounds like fun… maybe a little ray of hope and happiness amid major, major bungles on the world stage?

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