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It’s Greek To Me

Posted on: August 19, 2010

Yogurt and fruit is my dinner staple. Its a great protein source especially after an intense bike workout, plus it’s not heavy on the belly. I recently switched brand from the typical non-fat Dannon to this non-fat organic brand called Chobani.

Oh My God…delish!   I’ve never tasted yogurt so silky.   Greek yogurt has been hitting mainstream groceries lately so I thought I’d give it a try and see what the buzz was all about.

So what is Greek yogurt and why the hype?   Compared to your typical American produced yogurt, Greek yogurt is creamier and thicker in texture.  This is because after the milk is heated and cultured, it sits in a muslin or cheesecloth type of filter to eliminate the whey in the milk.   This makes the yogurt creamier and devoid of the liquid that settles on top of yogurt looking like this.

Phot credit: Mother Jones

Nutritionally, Greek yogurt is also packed with more grams of protein per serving because the product is more concentrated now.    It’s also lower in sugar and carbs as the lactose is filtered out with the whey.    If you have some Greek yogurt in your nearby supermarket I suggest you stock up on it.  I prefer this Chobani brand as I found this to be silkier than the others.   Yummm!


5 Responses to "It’s Greek To Me"

wow this is all you eat for dinner??? jealous!

I try…if the air you breath is packed with calories, this is all you will have for dinner too. Haha!

omg – that looks so so yummy…
greek yogurt is damn hard or impossible to find here.
and nigella says it’s THE yogurt to use… argh!

Chobani is the best! I love putting the honey variety in a blender with fresh berries and a banana…yum! And I prefer the texture compared to Fage, another popular brand of Greek yogurt.

I’ve noticed that American yogurt brands have jumped on the Greek yogurt bandwagon, but they really don’t come close to Chobani, in my opinion.

The honey variety is my favorite too! I also use the vanilla which is good as well. I have tried the other brands and Chobani really tops my list as well! I usually just make parfaits but I think I’m going to try your idea : )

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