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Heard On The Street

Posted on: August 18, 2010

Since you have your Rocio-isms and Mikel-isms series, I thought I’d come up with my own series too.  As I spend a good deal of time walking on the street, I get to see and hear some of the most priceless sights and sounds worth sharing.  So consider this my first of a series of interesting, funny and quirky things I see and hear on the street.  Here we go…

I was walking alongside a man as I was entering the subway station.  We were met by another man talking on his cellphone with his voice on vuvuzela mode.


Man alongside me (to himself):  Well that’s a boring weekend…

Me: Hahahahaha!

Here’s another…

I was seated in the train travelling through World Trade Center  when a lady waddles in with her entourage.    This lady reminded me of Estelle, Joey Tribianni‘s chain smoker agent in Friends.

Waddling Lady (extra loud voice) to a man standing by the train door:  THIS GO TO PAVONIA NEWPORT?!!!

Man by the door(using inside voice):  Yes.

Waddling Lady (extra loud voice) to another man: THIS GO TO PAVONIA NEWPORT?!!!

Everybody inside the train in unison: YES!!!!!

Waddling Lady (using inside voice): Thank you.

I love this city!


1 Response to "Heard On The Street"

that second one made me snort out loud hahahaha!

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