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Posted on: August 18, 2010

The Age of  The Jetsons might just be around the corner.   Check out these very futuristic kitchen and appliance designs fresh out of the Electrolux Design Lab.   I found this in a design site called Yanko Designs.  The objective was to design appliances that address the space crunch issue.  Here’s what they came up with.

The Community Fridge.  I know it sounds out of this world but the idea is to eliminate the personal fridge and just have 1 for each building.  Each house gets its own space in a large community refrigerator that takes charge of the refreshments and groceries. Punch in your personal code as well as the details of what you want to snack on and your personal fridge dispenses the goodies via the common dispensing shaft.

The Clean Closet.   This not only stores your clothes, it actually has a cleaning facility built in.  When you hang your clothes, the internal scanner scans it for dirt and cleans it.  At the end of the cycle you got clean, pressed and hung clothes in your closet!

The Fishwasher = Dishwasher + Composter + Pet fish.   The pet robotic fish cleans up the dirt and grime from the dishes, changes it into biofuel and filters the dirty water to make it clean again.  Unbelievable.

The Biorobot Fridge.  No doors and drawers needed because it has some kind of non-sticky, odorless gel to hold and store food.  The fridge can be oriented vertical or horizontal depending on your space requirements.

The Modular Kitchen Appliance =   Kettle + Toaster + 2 piece induction hub.  Nuff said.

And if you are not impressed by that check out the QUMI.   A  fold out universal kitchen set that can be used for heating, frying and steaming a wide variety of food types.  It has no display or control panel, and all instructions are supposed to be processed via mobile devices in the network ready home of the future!

I’m still waiting for the shower stall that bathes and dresses you on days when you are just too lazy  (Read: Hangover).


4 Responses to "Future Finds"

i like the gooey looking fridge!

But how unappetizing to see your food looking “trapped” in all that goo.

the gooey looking fridge looks like the ectoplasm. maybe in a transparent color? i’d buy the clean closet!

Yes the clean closet is an awesome idea!

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