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Eating Mexican Down South

Posted on: August 3, 2010

So I promised to blog about everything I ate on my recent trip to Cebu…

We arrived at lunch and it was decided by the tribe that we were to eat in Maya – a pretty trendy Mexican place run by the same folks who run the exclusive Abaca Boutique Resort. Our empty stomachs were bursting with expectations.

You know you’re in the right place when you see these wooden double doors.

And here’s their somewhat gothic menu cover design. I thought it was kinda cool but when I showed the picture to Rocio said it made her not feel like not eating.

We started with this cheese dip…

… and it was a perfect starter. It did not leave you feeling bloated and stuffed as many warm cheese dips do. (And I’m all about feeling too stuffed to quickly these days!) In fact, after my helpings of the entrees, I went back to the cheese dip and practically licked the damn dish clean.

Being a carnivorous clan, lots of pork was ordered. Let’s see if I can remember what was what.

These were the ribs (which I actually didn’t try)…

More pork aka “carnitas”…

… which I enjoyed even if I’m not big on pork. The meat was tender and just flaked off with a fork. And you had the option of putting the meat in mini soft tacos with all the sauces. Really heart stuff.

We had fajitas too… I think this was chicken…

… again, good hearty stuff it’s just that after awhile it all started to taste the same!

Here’s the most sinful of all – Mexican style Crispy Pata…!

That was satisfying too though I mostly went for the chicharon-ish rind.

We also had a token healthy fish dish…

I had a bite of this. I was presently surprised because I don’t often like fish in red sauce but the fish tasted very fresh and the tomato-ey topping was not overwhelming.

We actually had space for dessert after this – churros con chocolate! But I was slipping too deeply in food coma to remember to take a picture. The churros were oily and slightly undone in the middle. Oddly enough though, they were still quite light – and I’m sure I had more than two (long ones).

Would I eat here again? Yes – though more slowly perhaps.


1 Response to "Eating Mexican Down South"

Wow! How was the mexican-ized crispy pata? That looks just amazing. And for some reason the food looks “clean”, albeit the oiliness of it all. Does that make sense?

Note to self: do not read this post right about lunch time. How can you NOT be big on pork? And how can you control yourself from skipping some of those dishes?

I guess now we know why you can go back to size 0 right after popping out those babies….

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