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Mommy On A Budget

Posted on: July 14, 2010

Since budget is my buzzword, I’m all about the cheaper alternatives – except of course when it comes to my choice of OB-GYN.

Still, the little things need not suffer. During my first pregnancy, I was sooo phobic about getting stretch marks so I spared no expense acquiring the creme de la creme of stretch mark prevention products.

Seven years ago, this set me back about P2,500 a jar and three years ago, I believe it was close to P2,800. And I needed at least 2 jars per pregnancy and the months after. Thankfully, as the dermatological gods would have it, I did NOT develop stretch marks. Some women who made the same investment did.

Today, I realize that I wasn’t all that religious about applying the “Huile Tonic” during my second pregnancy and voila! Still, no stretch marks. So who needs Clarins? Not me and my pocket! Having said that though, I still need something to soothe the impending tummy itch as well as a little psychological support to tell myself that I’m doing something to help stave off the stretchies. Enter my new found friend:

For all of P750, I get 75g of intense moisture. You really only need to apply a tiny amount, I’m not sure if I’m ever going to finish it. So it’s been all over my body (…is a wonderland).


4 Responses to "Mommy On A Budget"

Good find, mommy on a budget! Although you were never really the type to get stretch marks (hate you!), I think this is a great alternative.

I’ve had stretch marks for years, and only recently did I finally take action and get rid of them using a lot of the tips in this article. Thanks!
– Susan

Couldn’t help but comment. My derma says that stretch marks are a function of genetics and the ensuing elasticity of your skin. Whatever that means. My tummy and thighs look like the outer skin of those eggs in the Alien movies. I used the Clarins thingie when I was pregnant with Pilar and still got stretch marks. I used the Body Shop thingie when i was pregnant with Ines and got hospitalized for allergies (something about the cocoa content in it). So for my pregnancy with Olivia I used —- nada — and thankfully no new stretch marks developed. But that’s may be because I only gained 18 lbs with this pregnancy versus the 30++ pounds I gained when I was pregnant with Pilar. 🙂

yeah it’s totally a genetics thing.

scary bout the allergies!! though i’ve used the cocoa butter and so far it’s been ok… whew!

thanks for passing by kiki & lala 🙂

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