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The Chalkbot VS. Cancer

Posted on: July 9, 2010

I know that you have NOT been following the Tour de France and I know that you are NOT interested in following it. But I think you might fancy to watch Le Tour for 2 reasons: (1) You get to admire the magnificent landscape France has to offer and (2) For the Chalkbot.

If you ARE watching the tour this year, you would notice yellow written messages on the pavements the cyclists pedal over.

This isn’t senseless graffiti to distract the cyclists from an otherwise agonizing ride. Neither is it there to keep a baffled audience wondering if Bansky has resurfaced.  The grey pavement serves as a blank canvass for anyone who would like to express encouragement for all those looking cancer in the eye and giving them a big EFF YOU.  It’s for anyone who wants to light  a virtual candle and memorialize a lost loved one from cancer.  It’s for anyone who wants to give a shout out to the world to tell them that they are part of the legions who care about finding a cure.  For obvious reasons this affects me down to my very core.

The chalkbot idea was conceptualized by Livestrong (go figure).   You simply need to go to their website, register and just type your message away.  If your message is selected, you will receive an email along with a photo showing your message painted on the Tour de France pavement.  How cool is that?!

You might be wondering what they use to fill the pavement with millions of messages.  Enter the Chalkbot.

It’s this clever little machine that sprays the pavement with chalk.  Think spray paint but chalk instead of paint.  I’m inserting this video to give you an idea.

As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, I’ve registered and sent numerous messages in honor of our very own heavenly Cancer Warrior whose indomitable spirit continues to show us how real battles are won!  Writing about this is making me miss him more, if that’s even possible…


2 Responses to "The Chalkbot VS. Cancer"

awesome! i love this idea 🙂
would love to see a photo of your message/s.
how could they NOT get picked?

Yeah I am hopefully waiting for the email…we should make a family effort and bombard the chalkbot with all our messages!

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