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Play Me, I’m Yours

Posted on: July 7, 2010

For 2 weeks last month, 60 colorful pianos were planted in various parks, plazas and other public spaces all over the city for anyone to play, any time.  Notice how these pianos were creatively decorated.

Presented by Sing for Hope, Play Me I’m Yours was conceptualized by this artist named Luke Jerram and has been touring through various major cities in the world like London and Barcelona.  The idea is to invite the public to engage with its urban surroundings thereby awakening their sense of community.  I guess it’s also a way to provoke self expression in these urban dwellers – not that New Yorkers need to be provoked any more or they fall behind in the public expression department!  Imagine open mic night everyday in strategically located  public spaces all around New York City.  Here is their official PSA.

To promote this novel artistic effort, performers like Alicia Keys and  Nathan Gunn gave free performances using these street pianos.  Check out some notable participants below.

The inaudible Cindi Lauper

Shandon Campbell doing a New York Medley

After the 2 weeks, the pianos were donated to schools and other institutions.  What a great idea, dontcha think?


7 Responses to "Play Me, I’m Yours"

Hey! Tristan and Pia have a shot of this (the one facing Manhattan) We were there this past Monday watching Tristan bike – Its on my FB

Nice! And here I was frantically looking for pics. I shoulda just grabbed your photos. That’s if Tristan and Pia don’t mind being thrust in the spotlight…naks!

Haha! I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded. Get ready for this Saturday!

cool idea… though my only contribution would be chopsticks…

Or blue moon…or swan lake…

i don’t even know swan lake…

I meant swans in the lake…swan lake would’ve been too ambitous!

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