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The only down side to summer is there is nothing good on TV or cable. After my 20 mile “bike training”, I found myself aimlessly channel surfing. As I was about to throw in the towel – or in this case, the remote, I stumbled on the telecast of the Gershwin Awards paying tribute to Sir Paul McCartney on PBS. The event was held in the East Room of the White House and it is given by the President. To commemorate this special evening, an intimate concert was held paying tribute to Sir Paul. A bunch of artists walked up on stage and sang our favorite songs written by our favorite Beatle. I really felt like I was treated to a free concert. Plus the songs made me so nostalgic of the days when we were little and our parents would play The Beatles on the cassette player. Here are some of my favorites.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This next one features Elvis Costello.  Love it!
And this from the Foo Fighters guy
The evening was capped with Sir Paul treating the audience to some of his songs…
I am looking for the video of Corrine Bailey Rae singing Blackbird but I can’t find it anywhere.   So moving, of course I had to cry!

I thought it would be a good idea to use Kiki & Lala Land as a good platform to launch this.

After you directed me to Carlos Celdran’s ever engaging blog, I decided to heed his call and spread the word.

For the sake of our 5 loyal  readers, Carlos with the help of  Team Manila started this volunteer campaign to help the Philippines’ Department of Tourism promote the country online and in other social media, non-traditional venues. Read about how this all came to be in Carlos’ blog.

So in the spirit of promoting the beauty of the Philippines (shining through)  check out these awesome posters designed by Team Manila of the numerous must-visit locales scattered around the 7,100+ islands we all call HOME.

Of course I had to save the best for last.  To our 5 loyal readers, this majestic falls happens to be in the province Lala and I hail from.  So if you find yourself wandering around Antipolo, Rizal,   you must must visit Hinulugang Taktak.


I love to travel. And I’m thankful to have been able to do quite a bit over the past few months.

I request a window seat on flights when I can.
For two reasons.
1) As a slightly nervous flyer, I have a compulsion to see EXACTLY what’s going on outside.
2) Snowflakes!

Team 28

Posted on: July 25, 2010

Three weeks ago they started this adventure as Team Radio Shack. Today they will ride into the Avenue des Champs Elysees wearing black as Team 28 in honor of the 28 Million people whose lives and families are affected by cancer.  That includes you and me, baby! Check out their TVC below.

Even if he didn’t take home his eighth Tour de France win, Lance Armstrong and Livestrong accomplished their mission.  Bravo et merci!

UPDATE: The Tour de France officials asked Team Radio Shack to chuck the black jerseys as these are not officially registered uniforms.  They said take em off or face disqualification! Booooooooo!!!!  Unbelievable….oh well, this little drama created even more awareness for the 28 Million so to the Tour de France officials, bravo et merci!

I just had to share with you the Old Spice TV campaign.  It cracks me up everytime….

And it gets even funnier…

Here is another recently released one.  Hilarious!

Since budget is my buzzword, I’m all about the cheaper alternatives – except of course when it comes to my choice of OB-GYN.

Still, the little things need not suffer. During my first pregnancy, I was sooo phobic about getting stretch marks so I spared no expense acquiring the creme de la creme of stretch mark prevention products.

Seven years ago, this set me back about P2,500 a jar and three years ago, I believe it was close to P2,800. And I needed at least 2 jars per pregnancy and the months after. Thankfully, as the dermatological gods would have it, I did NOT develop stretch marks. Some women who made the same investment did.

Today, I realize that I wasn’t all that religious about applying the “Huile Tonic” during my second pregnancy and voila! Still, no stretch marks. So who needs Clarins? Not me and my pocket! Having said that though, I still need something to soothe the impending tummy itch as well as a little psychological support to tell myself that I’m doing something to help stave off the stretchies. Enter my new found friend:

For all of P750, I get 75g of intense moisture. You really only need to apply a tiny amount, I’m not sure if I’m ever going to finish it. So it’s been all over my body (…is a wonderland).

I know that you have NOT been following the Tour de France and I know that you are NOT interested in following it. But I think you might fancy to watch Le Tour for 2 reasons: (1) You get to admire the magnificent landscape France has to offer and (2) For the Chalkbot.

If you ARE watching the tour this year, you would notice yellow written messages on the pavements the cyclists pedal over.

This isn’t senseless graffiti to distract the cyclists from an otherwise agonizing ride. Neither is it there to keep a baffled audience wondering if Bansky has resurfaced.  The grey pavement serves as a blank canvass for anyone who would like to express encouragement for all those looking cancer in the eye and giving them a big EFF YOU.  It’s for anyone who wants to light  a virtual candle and memorialize a lost loved one from cancer.  It’s for anyone who wants to give a shout out to the world to tell them that they are part of the legions who care about finding a cure.  For obvious reasons this affects me down to my very core.

The chalkbot idea was conceptualized by Livestrong (go figure).   You simply need to go to their website, register and just type your message away.  If your message is selected, you will receive an email along with a photo showing your message painted on the Tour de France pavement.  How cool is that?!

You might be wondering what they use to fill the pavement with millions of messages.  Enter the Chalkbot.

It’s this clever little machine that sprays the pavement with chalk.  Think spray paint but chalk instead of paint.  I’m inserting this video to give you an idea.

As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, I’ve registered and sent numerous messages in honor of our very own heavenly Cancer Warrior whose indomitable spirit continues to show us how real battles are won!  Writing about this is making me miss him more, if that’s even possible…

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