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San Francisco: Day 2

Posted on: June 21, 2010

(This second post is coming a few months after the first one, but better late than never!)

The time difference between NY and SF made it easy for us to get up early on Saturday, despite our efforts to paint the town red the night before. (Now that we’re older, perhaps I should say that we painted the town a pale shade of pink before passing out.) Fortunately, we were blessed with amazingly sunny and warm weather, unlike the chilly days my family and I dealt with last May. So what does one do on a beautiful Saturday in San Francisco? Head to the Ferry Building, of course!

We hopped on the trolley and took a bumpy ride from Union Square to the northeast end of Market Street. It was about 10:30AM, and the crowds roaming the outdoor stands were still manageable. Our initial plan was to locate some breakfast grub to fill our grumbling tummies, but the breeze carried over a waft of savory deliciousness that could have only come from one thing: pork.

In the minutes that followed, several pieces began falling into place in my mind: (1) a number of SF Chowhound posts mentioned a roaming food truck that served some of the best porchetta on the planet, (2) said food truck could allegedly be found parked in the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market every Saturday, and (3) Twin-ham and I happened to be standing in the middle of the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market. On a Saturday.

Like well-trained bloodhounds, Twin-ham and I sniffed our way to the source of those delicious aromas. We found ourselves standing before an awe-inspiring sight: a shiny food truck equipped with at least 15 separate rotisserie rods on each side. Each spinning metal rod held either golden chickens or THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PORK ROASTS I HAD EVER SEEN. And as though this wasn’t sufficient, crispy potatoes lay beneath the roasting meat, happily soaking up all delectable drippings. The company website states that Mr. Odermatt is one of the world’s foremost authorities on rotisserie grilling, and I believe he deserves a Nobel prize for contributions made to the world of pork cookery.

By the time we got in line, there were about eight or ten people waiting for whatever Thomas was selling (roast porchetta, roast chicken, roast spring lamb, and roast pig knuckles), with a shorter ‘express line’ specific to chicken only. (And when I say that line was shorter, I mean no one was waiting in line for the chicken.) All this led us to the conclusion that something else was worth waiting in line for, and that something was the roast pork sandwich. The menu described it as a full slice of roast porchetta, topped with a fresh herb salad, onion marmalade and served on ciabatta bread. We decided to share one sandwich (it was massive!), and settled on a nearby bench to stuff our faces. Following my first bite, my brain nearly exploded. Clearly, I was holding the world’s most perfect sandwich in my hands. The porchetta was moist, savory, and perfectly seasoned, while the bits of crackling were salty/crunchy accents. Following my second bite, I was practically in tears. And following my last–heavenly–bite, I was seriously considering getting back in line to buy another sandwich. (And I also scolded myself for sharing the other half with Twin-ham.) Unfortunately, the line had grown to about 20-25 people, which is a testament to the sheer perfection of RoliRoti’s porchetta.

Twin-ham and I both agreed that the RoliRoti porchetta sandwich was one of the best sandwiches on the planet. The next time you happen to visit San Francisco, make sure a RoliRoti stop is part of your itinerary!


4 Responses to "San Francisco: Day 2"

I heart porchetta! I will go to SF just for that! Shall we invite RoliRoti to roll it’s way to the picnic this weekend?

I would definitely consider inviting them to the picnic…but I don’t think I’d be able to share 🙂

thanks, melody!
must say am not a huge pork fan but that sandwich looked pretty amazing.
how does one make onion marmalade??
that would be awesome on ANY meat!

‘Onion marmalade’ is really just caramelized onions…but it sounds a little more posh 🙂 It’s REALLY good in all kinds of sandwiches, and also goes well with roasts. Giada has a particularly nice recipe:

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