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Pacific Rims? Done!

Posted on: June 17, 2010

I must admit, coming to this book launch initially felt like a chore.  But there was no excuse for me not to go as I was already in the area and  I told your Little Twin-hubby and another friend who invited that I would go (yes, I my word is as strong as oak).  And so it came to pass that the girl believed to bring bad luck to the basketball team and banned from basketball games ends up in a book launch about basketball.  Correction: Basketball in the Philippines.

And what a pleasant and immensely entertaining surprise this guy turned out to be. As you already know, Rafe Bartholomew went to the Philippines as a Fulbright scholar and spent 3 years in Manila meeting average height men and immersing in a culture so tightly intertwined with basketball.  He served us a generous helping of excerpts from his book, Pacific Rims, which only brought out laughter and more laughter from us, his captivated audience.  Here are some shots I took of him.

Check out the full house.

And the groovy host of the event.  She caught me about to snap a photo of her and immediately struck this pose. Taray!

After the reading and Q&A, he agreed to sign some books.

We got to chat longer than usual when I dropped your Little Twin-hubby’s name. And the animated conversation just revolved around your in-laws.

At the end, I went home with a new book to devour and a short note…

Operations audit at work? Done. Drink with NYU friend? Done.  Pacific Rims book launch? Done!  Today didn’t turn out to be so bad after all.


1 Response to "Pacific Rims? Done!"

hey! you’ve been busy 🙂
thanks for going… i’m glad you had fun.
i started reading the book just last night and really laughed out loud in some parts.

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