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Kiki Turns 65!

Posted on: June 17, 2010

We called it my birthday ride (bida!).  65 miles of mostly long and steep uphill climbs doesn’t exactly sound like a party.  But the feeling you get after the 65th (65.8 to be exact) mile is better than a birthday party.  It’s just gratifying.  And when you find out that this long and punishing ride burned you about 4,400 calories, well you just feel like a million bucks…and 10 pounds lighter!  Just to put things in perspective, 65 miles is about 100 kilometers, so do the math and tell me how far 100 km is.

We started in Madison, NJ and crossed various counties which took us through the most breathtaking sceneries I’ve ever seen.  Even nicer than the Long Island vineyards.  Here is a shot of our starting point, Drew University.

And then we were off!  That’s Little Twin-team mate breaking away with a sprint.

And here is a backside shot of moi recovering on this downhill.  I’m glad you can’t see my face wincing in pain. Hurt so good baby!

Let me give you an idea of some of the inclines we had to climb.  It doesn’t look so daunting in the photo but believe me it is challenging.

Here is just some of the landscape we were biking through.  Given that we were busy pedaling, we really couldn’t take more photos, but this gives you an idea.


And mansions.

Sometimes on rides like these someone is bound to have a flat tire.  That’s Little Twin-team mate changing his tubes and showing us how it’s done and done right.

About 5 hours later, here we are still standing…and sitting!

Which is more than what I can say about our bikes…death by hills!

This ride was one of the most organized bike events I’ve attended.  So thanks to the Morris Area Freewheelers and their team of volunteers.  You guys rock!

Next on the agenda, 100 miles! God help us…


1 Response to "Kiki Turns 65!"

i can’t exactly relate but clap, clap, clap!
well done!

did you have to bike back home??

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