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A Different Kind of Shopping

Posted on: June 13, 2010

This post may be out of character for Kiki, the non-shopper, but I wanted to show you the multi-faceted shopping experience this city offers.  Our plan to go to the Brazil Film Festival morphed into an evening of vintage shopping and an impromptu picnic at the park.  Not a bad trade-off.

In my favorite part of the city lies a consignment store where you can find vintage clothes and accessories in tip top condition.  The second hand market in this country is really fascinating.  Clothes, cars, electronic equipment to just about anything pre-owned can be sold to the highest bidder.  This boutique specializes in men’s and women’s luxury fashion and accessories.

Owned by this very friendly and hospitable man.

He gives constructive fashion advice which really helps when you are in his shop. Believe me its very tempting to max out the plastic even on things that aren’t very flattering to you because everything in his shop is a deal.  So he happily shares his unbiased opinions even if it means losing a sale.  Cool no?

So come take a look see into his shop.

I really liked this Marni dress in the center.  It just didn’t come in my size.

Hanging on the wall is a lovely Derek Lam skirt and a Gucci leather jacket.  I was drawn to the skirt for some reason.

Here I am examining this DVF wrap dress.  I tried it on and boy was it sexeh! I so regret not buying it.  It was picked up by someone else the day after. Boo!

This is Little Twin-girlfriend assessing her shopping damage.  Not a huge damage at all!

And here I am striking a pose.  Like the bag?

It’s a very unassuming shop which pretty much  characterizes the shops in this part of town.  I’m hoping it stays this way.


2 Responses to "A Different Kind of Shopping"

i likey!
but in your green backed universe, what exactly is a “deal”?

A deal here is also a deal there. Come here with your green backs and find out? hehe!

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