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Wine Country For Not Very Old Men

Posted on: June 7, 2010

Guess what I did last weekend?  Bike na naman! Yes but this was the group’s first out of town ride.  We drove up with our bikes in tow to the Long Island Wine Country.  The scenery was spectacular, the ride was gratifying, the wine was…well I’ll have to make another trip to enjoy the wine.   I resisted the red red wine for the sheer love of the ride.   Check out the sites below.

The vineyards are complemented by pretty houses like this one here.  I think there was some kind of a reception going on.

And look at this lighthouse.

I think it’s safe to say that this lighthouse is just as nice as the Tanay, Rizal Lighthouse below.

Photo credit: Parc Photography

The ubiquitous American flag…

For dinner we went down to the Marina and ate in this place called Claudio’s.   Check it out.

And here we are feasting at Claudio’s.

Now on to the real reason why we were here.  I’ll let the pictures “clue” you in.

On this warm weekend in wine country we opted to bike over feasting on red red wine to make us feel so fine.  Gives you the same high anyway.


4 Responses to "Wine Country For Not Very Old Men"

some shots remind me of the movie “one crazy summer” 🙂
and i swear, that lighthouse IS the lighthouse in tanay – not a similar one. it’s the SAME one!!!!

Who is in that movie again?

demi moore, john cusack and bobcat goldwaith or whatever his name is.

[…] which took us through the most breathtaking sceneries I’ve ever seen.  Even nicer than the Long Island vineyards.  Here is a shot of our starting point, Drew […]

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