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Waiting in The Wing

Posted on: June 2, 2010

Tsk, tsk, tsk! Shame on you and me, Lala!  If it weren’t for My Melody’s yummy food coma post we would have 0 posts for the month of May! Shame, shame, shame!

So I’m back! Back from my brief fling with Manila and back to this concrete, urban labyrinth I’ve chosen to inhabit for the time being.  On my way back to NYC, I decided to hang out in the Cathay Pacific lounge called The Wing.   What a treat, especially from a third world country mouse like me!  Unlike most lounges I’ve been to, The Wing is actually situated on open space so you still feel the energy and movement of the airport.  What’s so great about it?  Apart from the huge, inviting space…

Comfortable arm chairs and love seats spread out

…there is actually a lot to do.   You can do some reading or use their numerous computer terminals to check email and surf the internet.

If you are hungry, you can drop by the Noodle Bar for an assortment of, wait for it, noodles.

You order here.

And they give you one of these beepers to alert you when your noodles are ready for pick up.

Then sit in their spacious dining area and enjoy your noodles.

If you are not in the mood for noodles, you can indulge in their warm snacks.

If you feel like having a cocktail, then by all means come to the creatively named Long Bar.

And if the Long Bar happens to be too…long for you, fret not as you can while the time in the Short Bar.  I kid you not!

Feel like you could use a quick shower before your flight?  There’s an app for that!

After seeing all this, I’m very curious to see what the First Class Lounge can offer. Sky’s the limit I guess…no pun intended!

Btw, allow me to congratulate you in Kiki & Lala Land for the coming of baby # 3! Woohoo!  That said, will you consider giving me baby # 2? I promise to feed him and take him out when he needs to pee.  Heehee!

Photo Credits: Lounge Guide


3 Responses to "Waiting in The Wing"

I LOVE THAT AIRPORT LOUNGE!!! It’s the best part of the trip, in my opinion…especially the Noodle Bar 🙂

I love the Noodle Bar! I also had some of their super yummy pork buns. It’s perfect because I didn’t have to eat in the plane. I just slept : )

damn… wish i travelled more…

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