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At The House By The Lake

Posted on: April 26, 2010

After last week’s mini ordeal at the ER, I was advised by my doctors and my mom to take a break from Alex.  Boooo!  This turned out to be sound advice after all as I ended up having a lovely lovely weekend at the house by the lake…

We were invited by Flower and her twinpophub to Franklin Lakes, NJ.  It’s a beautiful piece of property overlooking a tranquil and breathtaking lake.  It’s definitely a home away from home.  There couldn’t have been a better spring weekend to do this great getaway.  The company was homey and familiar, the weather was perfect, the food was heavenly and the bubbly was bottomless.  So trading up Alex this weekend wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

First let me show you the house and its divine surroundings.  This is the front of the house with all of Spring’s glory in full bloom.

Here’s another shot from the driveway.  Check out how lush these plants are.

Asthma and allergies aside, Spring is definitely the most wonderful time of the year.

Here is the garden at the back of the house that opens up to The Lake and our chosen hang out for the weekend.   Pretty is all I can say.

Here is the gazebo up close.

This is the back of the house taken from the garden below.   Landscape’s not too shabby huh?

Here is Flower’s twinpophub having one of his famous moments…this time with The Lake. (Enter ethereal background music from Richard Gomez’s rowing Bench commercial).

Are you captivated yet?  Wait till I tell you about the food.  Thanks to Little Twin Miss Tapia’s creative and epicurean abilities, we had one feast after another.  Come and take a look.

I picked up a few pounds of fresh made mozzarella from my favorite neighborhood deli.  She sliced and laid it in a bed of greens and topped it with grape tomatoes, fresh basil finished with balsalmic and EVOO.  Yum!

We also had steaks.  I love how she inserted cloves of garlic in between the meat and fat and topped it with butter to add even more flavor.  Naughty!

We also had scallops and fish which I really enjoyed!

And here the sides.

For dessert?  Little Twin Pi brought Buttercup Bakery’s famous Banana Pudding. I wish you could see how we devoured it.  Just insanely delicious!

We also had leftover Payard specially made chocolates for Moet Hennessy’s Oscar Party last February.  I apologize for the bad shot.

As you know, a weekend by the picturesque lake is never  complete without day off pics.  Here are some shots we took.

Introducing the star of the weekend.  She was such a delight to be with! Don’t you love her outfit?

My day off picture from the balcony.

And more pictures from the balcony.

Your best friends + beautiful lake house + awesome food + scotch and bubbly = a very happy Kiki.

Thank you to Flower and her twinpophub and his extremely warm and kind parents for having us this weekend.  Twas a blast!


7 Responses to "At The House By The Lake"

awww… we should really do this more often… and with everyone (lest their lives be talked about and dissected…)

photos are great. i like the richard gomez one.

Yes I had a great time…thanks for that! Now I wanna add serene music to that Richard Gomez shot…

I had a lovely time with you ladies….also, I shall send the videos “for your eyes only”, they are too too funny!!! dinner this week? Can’t wait!

Wtf did you guys talk about? hahaha. Lovely post. Inggit… Inggit…. Inggit….

Come back with me, MSA! Miss Tapia will still be here : )

lovely lovely day! thanks gals 🙂

ugh – insanely jealous…

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