Kiki & Lala

Over The Hills And Through The Swamp

Posted on: April 12, 2010

That’s literally what we did on this fine but nippy Saturday morning.  And let me tell you about those hills!  They were frustratingly challenging but unbelievably gratifying. So where exactly did we go?  We rode around what is called the Great Swamp which literally is just one great swamp.  But the scenery it opens up to as you ride through those hills are just breathtaking.  I wish bikes came with a built in camera (kind of like computers) so I could snap a few pretty ones without having to stop and break the momentum.

Here are some pics taken from that awesome ride.

Told you it was a swamp...

Action shot

Unglam shot of me

Unglam shot of Kiki who badly needs a tan!

Playing around with the camera during a stop in Basking Ridge

Pretty shots of Basking Ridge. A quaint, WASP-y town where we took our break.

One of the numerous US flags we saw riding through these towns


I have to pay a special tribute to my baby, Alex, who did a stupendous job!  Thanks to this clunker, I truly believe that I can fly!

It was a great day to be out, on the saddle, taking in the fresh air and the lovely scenery. I’ll try to take more pictures next time for you to appreciate.

And what did YOU do this weekend?


8 Responses to "Over The Hills And Through The Swamp"

love the scenery 🙂
you need a tan but i know you’re not going to get one when you come to visit.

haha! i might just surprise you…

Who are the boys, Kiki?

A bunch of cycling fanatics like me…even more than me actually!

Oh my gulay, is that Paolo Hugo?!

Yes and I think he needs a little twin-code name : )

Yes, to protect the innocent! Funny lang kasi he was my kuya’s carpool buddy when they were in high school! Small world!

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