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Subic Sights

Posted on: April 10, 2010

Here are some things I thought amusing or at least share-worthy while I was in Subic recently.

This is what the un-athletci helping the un-athletic looks like…

Here’s an exotic looking bird. Wasn’t paying attention as to its scientific name.
I was just praying it wouldn’t gouge my eyes out with it’s beak while I was taking its picture.

These are albino carabaos! They can’t be beasts of burden like their melanin-tinged relatives because they can’t be under the sun. But they sure looked like they were baking in the zoo…!

Monkeys in the trees just outside the house. Yaaaak!

Check her out. Denim shorts, yellow Cory-Ninoy shirt, white and fuchsia tiger print socks, purple sequined high tops… for the zoo!

This scene reminded me so much of Sunday afternoons in HK. Boat rides are one of the major things I miss about Hongkers.

Beautifully named boat. God forbid I die before my time, you would name a boat after me, right?

God’s fingers stretching out in the sunset.

Another dusk-y scene. So tranquil.

And sadly, the out of place condos some Korean company built (in the middle of a water shed!) to house their ship builders who work across the bay.


1 Response to "Subic Sights"

Wow Lala! You make Subic look like so much fun. I love cio’s punky brewster outfits. I also love that she is as uncoordinated as you are! Haha!

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