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Scientific Explorer

Posted on: April 1, 2010

So Kiki… while you’re at an office lunch, I shall blog.

When I’m not feeling like a lazy mommy (which unfortunately is much too often), I pull out some fun for my LilTwinBrat who counts among her ambitions “being a lab experimenter”. I discovered a cool, though somewhat overpriced series of science toys last year. They’re called Scientific Explorer. And Santa was kind enough to provide at Christmas.

(Sorry, WordPress wouldn’t save the rotation).

Anyway, looks like fun, yes?

She loved it because she got to mix and match the liquids to see what colors they make.

It all looks very lab-like and the delight on her face was priceless.

There’s also multi media color mixing so you color some pictures…

… and then, you can put colored bits of cellophane over your eyes to see if the pictures change color.

Fun, experiential, (easy for mommy)… just they way learning should be.

They have other fun kits too where you can make things fizz, create slime or concoct spa products. And they all come with a leaflet that details science behind it all – as well as the step by step instructions.


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Do me a favor and add a title to this post because anal Kiki is getting irritated…belly button feeling!

oy! tinapos ko na!

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