Kiki & Lala

Rocio-isms 10

Posted on: March 24, 2010

Drama Queen

Rocio: Mom, how did you feel at Christmas – without Boss Ding?
Lala: I felt a bit sad but I was happy that we were all together.
Rocio: I felt really bad because I had no one to talk to about elections and the President… you know… that stuff…
Lala: Politics?
Rocio: Yeah because you know Boss Ding and I we get really excited about elections. And Nadine wasn’t there and I had to make sure Nana Norma was OK… so it was a hard for me.


Yaya: Cio, where is your lunch boc?
Rocio: It’s lunch box! Say, lunch box…
Yaya: Where is your lunch bax?
Rocio: Oh! So in Tagalog it’s lunch bax?


2 Responses to "Rocio-isms 10"

She is a character! Must be from our side of the family?

with as little bias as possible, i concur!

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