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Dubai: Food Shopping

Posted on: March 18, 2010

My fave thing to do in any foreign city is head to the supermarket. It gives you great insight into how the locals live. Of course, the definition of “local” in Dubai is debatable since only about 5 – 20 % of the population is Emirati and everyone else are foreigners from Indians to Pinoys to Sri Lankans to Brits to Indonesians to Russians.

Carrefour seems to be the supermarche’ of choice in Dubai and there was one happily situated across the street from our hotel.

Here’s what I saw…

castanyas on steroids

Buckets and buckets of nuts…

Every kind of dried fruit…

Spices that literally threw me into an uncharacteristic sneezing fit…

Olives of all shapes, sizes and marinations…

Look closely now…

some very phallic cornichon-stuffed olives hahahahaha !

And here’s the last photo before I was told to stop taking pictures. The price of being being a blogging tourist… tsk tsk…


2 Responses to "Dubai: Food Shopping"

the olives look very enticing, and I wish we had that much herb variety here in RP. can olives grow here?

P.S. is that your palm in the top photo? deep lines = old, interesting soul. 🙂

I would go to Dubai just for this! Like washing dishes, going to the supermarket has been by past time of choice. I’ll probably over stay in the olives and spices section…that’s if I don’t erupt into a sneezing fit like you : )

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