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Abu Dhabi

Posted on: March 13, 2010

So back to my Dubai trip…

Our first day there was actually spent in Abu Dhabi which is the UAE’s largest and richest emirate. They got the oil, baby!

It’s about 2 hour’s drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. The place is also known for its “interesting” architecture. Here are a few examples.

A coin-shaped office building.

Then there was this Leaning Tower of Pisa-inspired edifice.

It leans oh so slightly but you can’t tell from the angles I took – apologies.

The true masterpiece though is this mosque. The third largest in all the world.

Check out the pure gold spires on top of the domes.


To enter the prayer rooms which are segregated according to gender, women need to don the black abaya and head scarf.

We got there right when prayers had started and once they start you can’t enter the rooms anymore so they were shooing us away. Here’s a very rude mosque authority guy telling me to get the hell out. As in he said, “Hey you! How many times I have to tell you to get out?!”

But I didn’t take it personally (sniff!)

I still got to appreciate the lovely details of the place.

ceiling and dome with floral details

placid waters

inlaid posts

Then there’s a palace which the Sheik got tired of so now it’s a hotel – with about 300 rooms!


Of course on the other side of the spectrum there were these recreated desert homes at the Heritage Village. They lived in these last century before they struck black gold.

It was surprisingly cool inside.

But nothing beats Abu Dhabi’s man made shore line. No need for words here.

Studio 23 jumps for joy.

The water was ridiculously clean and the sand was Bora-fine. There was nothing to do but marvel at how they brought the ocean to the desert like bringing Boracay to Makati. For this alone Abu gets my vote over Dubs!

And just to demonstrate how they don’t know what to do with their money, on the ride home we crossed another man made body of water with lots of construction going on around it.

After piping the ocean into the land which obviously cost billions, they are now reclaiming land in the same area to build resorts!! WTF?!?!

Other ideas for where to spend some spare billions…

an F1 race track, of course!

So that was Abu Dhabi in a day. More Dubai stories to follow – promise!


2 Responses to "Abu Dhabi"

Not a cloud in the sky has never been so apropos. The abaya and head scarf looks good on you. Looks nice but I’m not too taken by everything being so massive and man-made…hey I lalready ive in a concrete jungle! I love all the gold and floral details on the structure though! Can’t wait to see the Dubs pics!

its realy very nice i love all this sciens and the way you people
take the photo

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