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Follow That Ball!

Posted on: March 9, 2010

World Cup fever is slowly capturing this city and everyone seems to be keen on following  The Ball.  Just as the Olympic Torch travels the world before it is lit in the stadium of the Olympic host country, so is The Ball bouncing from one country to another before reaching South Africa.

This World Cup is particularly special because as you know,  it will be hosted by a country in the poorest region in the world.  Many in the international development world see this as a wonderful opportunity to help the poorest African nations through a sport the African people know and love best.

So in January of this year  The Ball began its journey, starting in England.   Check out The Ball’s route below.

This Ball is hand made and specially made with special durable material that can withstand surfaces unique to Africa (Read: graba).   While it makes its journey through the various African countries, it will be played in organized football games within the richest and poorest communities, “from street to stadium”, anything goes. The Ball will also visit Special Olympics events organized in the various African Communities.

I find this fascinating because they are capitalizing on the grassroots nature of this sport to promote the different towns and cities in Africa.   I really believe that sports is another real option to consider when talking about generating economic development in a poor area.   I’ve been pushing Little TwinBokal to explore this option for our beloved Province of Rizal.   So wanna join me follow The Ball?  Oh the places we will go! : )

PHOTO CREDIT: The Ball, The Star of the Beautiful Game


6 Responses to "Follow That Ball!"

yes – sports can be uplifting be it has to be more than a footnote in the local budget.
and soccer is the way to go in a country with a vertically challenged population.

I think relying on the local governments budget to promote sports is unrealistic in a country like ours. I’m thinking support should really come from engagement from private citizens. They can collaborate with local officials in an area to generate an interest in sports among the youth.

Kiki and Lala

Yes! Sports point young people in so many productive directions. Toward…

good health, teamwork, discipline, leadership, the sporting spirit of competition, and the fierce desire that burns in the heart of a child to be…

heard, known, recognized, appreciated and…

filled to bursting with the happiness of play.

As Kiki says above, all it takes is a few balls ball, and the support of a few citizens to get youth football organized and rolling in a community, so that sports can begin lighting the way toward these productive avenues and the virtues to be discovered on the journey for a generation of young people, and remind grown-ups that these virtues are still within their own reach.

Thank you for seeing it.


Thanks for dropping by. Totally agree with everything you said above. Are you involved in this kind of organization?


Dear all,

I al travelling with The Ball all the way from London to Johannesburg. We are currently in Bamako. Where we have been enjoying the amazing warmness of our partner Special Olympics Mali and DHL. The Ball is heading for Burkina Faso via Djenne and Dogon Country.

See you in South Africa and please follow our blog and stay in touch:

Stay on The Ball

Thanks for dropping by Andrew! Good luck in your journey and we will be following you and The Ball until its final destination!

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