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It’s The Journey

Posted on: March 3, 2010

So often we are told that it’s the journey that matters and not the destination. Well, the old adage rang true when I was making my way to Dubai on…

Emirates flight EK333

Middle Eastern airlines enjoy a great reputation so I was excited about getting on one of their flights. Ours was on a Boeing 777, newly fitted with the latest interiors. There was a certain freshness and airy-ness in the cabin that I hadn’t experienced in recent memory. I really wish I’d taken better shots.

The cabin crew is a United Colors Of Benetton ad. They could speak English, Arabic, Filipino, Turkish, Swahili, Afrikaans, Japanese and Thai! But I liked their fancy hats which the Pinay FA gamely lent us.

dorky Lala

Any hopes I had of getting some shut eye on this 9 hour trip were dashed as soon as I discovered ICE – Emirates’ inflight entertainment system which stands for Information, Communication, Entertainment.

So it has everything there is to know about Dubai. (Or make that, everything they want you to know!)

Dubai FAQs

You can make calls and send instant messages and emails (for a fee).
But really the best thing was a cool selection of movies, tv shows, music and podcasts at your fingertips.

There was something for everyone…

... the kids...

... the nostalgic musicphile...

... the Broadway fan...

Clearly, I don’t travel enough… Sigh…

Anyway, here’s something our LittleTwinDads would trip on. The plane’s external cameras!!

front camera's shot just before take off from NAIA - so so cool

There’s also a downward camera just under the plane’s nose.

... but clouds got in my way...

Here’s a gorgeous somewhere-over-the-Philippines sunset from the air which I know you’ll appreciate.

Speaking of pretty lights, Emirates has mood lighting in the cabin. So instead of the harsh on the eyes bright whites, you get this warm and cozy atmosphere…

love it!

And though a little cheesy, I thought the “starry sky” was an awesome touch…

twinkle twinkle

If there was anything that disappointed, it was the food. Booo! Booo! and Booo!

Kudos to them for giving us vermin in cattle class real utensils as opposed to the plastic ones but it didn’t matter when the bread was cold and crumbly, the entree completely devoid of taste, the salad reeking of a weird plastic-y/gasoline-y smell and the dessert was seemingly made of nothing but butter and sugar whipped together. Ugh! The small bag of Cheetos I bought at the airport saved but didn’t satisfy my empty stomach.

All in all it was a great flight and I’d be happy to fly Emirates again. Maybe on the way to Israel? Oooh!


3 Responses to "It’s The Journey"

Love the unique in-flight entertainment! Love the colors of the sunset. Lord knows when the last time I saw a pretty one was. Love the faux starry starry night and the mood lights. Would LOVE for you to post actual Dubai pics….haha. Kiki anticipating your delinquence! : )

i’ll get there. but not this week as i had earlier anticipated…
since LittleTwinHub has the next four days off.

My dad will be happy to see that you used real utencils in “allergy” class : )

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