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One Fine Evening

Posted on: February 28, 2010

Welcome back!  How was your trip? Di me, di me!

After being under inclement weather house arrest for a day and a half, it became apparent that a night out somewhere, anywhere was in order.  And there’s no better way to spend your “re-emergence” back into the bright lights and big city  than with a bunch of your friends.  So we all met up in this pan-latin restaurant called Agua Dulce.  Apparently, agua dulce means fresh water, which I found odd because I coulda sworn it meant sweet water.  But I digress.  They take pride in serving their own fresh, filtered and flavored waters, which I didn’t get to try.  I was a little more interested in their flavored alcohol than their flavored water. Haha!

Its a vibrant place nestled in the west side of the city and seems to be a pretty popular one too.  If you’re looking for a quiet and tranquil place for dinner, this shouldn’t be in your short list.  The loud music sets the tone which I actually liked.  Here is my ATTEMPT to capture the mood and ambience.  I really liked the wrought iron grills used as dividers, somehow gave the space a more vintage feel.

This is what we ate.

Churrasco, chimichurri on a bed of roasted potaotes. Green stuff was delish!

Pollo Al Carbon - half chicken on a bed of crispy potatoes

Yucca fries with garlic vanilla alioili. As you can see, someone couldn't help himself and went for it

Salmon in some kind of green olive caramel sauce...mmmmm

I have to thank the Little Twin-friends for holding off on enjoying their dishes so that I can shoot them for the sake of our blog.   Here they are.

Little Twin-ham (as you will later notice him in most of the photos) and Little Twin-dutch

Little Twin-ladehs

After dinner we walked down to Kyotofu to get our japanese dessert fix.  I know what you are thinking.  I was tempting the gods of restriction by going to a dessert bar when I sacrificed desserts for Lent.  But I emerged victorious! A little cranky but victorious nonetheless. There was a bit of a wait so we whiled the time admiring the full moon…

Que Linda!

While Little Twin-ham whiled his time admiring and testing his weather resilient boots.

From its name, I think you will easily figure out what the main base ingredient of this place is: soybean.   Check out what we…i mean THEY had (Grrrr!).

Warm mochi chocolate cake paired with a sake flight

Soft serve with these mochi cubes which I understand were very good. This was paired with chocolate flavored shochu (i think!)

I don't know what this is called but its supposed to be their version of taho

And what did I have you dare ask?  While their sweet teeth were overindulging, I had this…

Chateau les Tuileries Sauternes 2003 aka dessert wine. woohoo...?!#$@*

And as if sitting through all that wasn’t torment enough, they send us complementary brownies.

The next shots are just random photos of us playing with the camera.  I also took shots of the interior.  Nice clean lines.  I really like the high cushion back rest.

Here’s a distant shot of the kitchen.

With Little Twin-WOW

I will definitely hit this place up after Easter Sunday.  Those desserts were just so hard to resist.  Join me?

Y tu?  Tell me about your trip.


3 Responses to "One Fine Evening"

everything looks yummy!!!

oh and i’ll be there on the 24th of april, i think. wahooo!

Yay!!!! I CANNOT WAIT…I’m inviting myself to Franklin Lakes. Heehee!

We can go to Kyotofu…and Mitsuwa! So your type : )

desserts look amazing!!
and you’re not looking bad either, kiki ;p
who are the new friendses??

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