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And Yet Another Snow Storm

Posted on: February 26, 2010

While you are living it up in the desert, I am STILL stuck in winter wonderland.  As we enter the month of March, we’re still packing it in with deceptively pretty powder white precipitation.  Good news: we were sent home early today…yay!  Bad news: it was horrendous in the commute home…boo! So I thought I’d make my walk home worthwhile and show you the huge flakes falling and continuing to fall as I share this with you.

This is Washington Street (Hoboken’s main street) about to be blanketed in snow. I think you can imagine how tomorrow morning will look like…

These next ones were taken from the park I cut through to get home.  Pretty surreal to see this park deserted.

I passed by the supermarket to stock up on food and buy some chocolate tablets for hot chocolate!  Then I remembered I gave up anything chocolate for Lent. Booooo!

Hope your trip is going well…AND SAFE.  I have to admit that I’m missing our morning chats.  So come home soon!

UPADTE:  Thought I’d give you a glimpse of the after math.  This was taken from my apartment window so please ignore my window’s screen mesh.

Check out this tree weighed down by snow

A man and his little girl attempting to make a snow man


3 Responses to "And Yet Another Snow Storm"

hey pammy. keep safe! remember call jonj anytime for anything 🙂

Thanks kwee! I’ll put him in my speed dial ; )

After seeing the tragedy in Chile. This snow storm seems so insignificant.

i’m back!
heard about this storm while i was in the desert…
stay warm 🙂 talk super soon!

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