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Peering Into Piermont

Posted on: February 24, 2010

In the latter part of fall 09, I biked up to a quaint little village in New York’s Rockland County called Piermont.  It’s a lovely little destination town right by the Hudson River, which also serves as a pit stop for weekend cyclists (bisikleta na naman!).  I can only describe it as Sausalito meets Nantucket if that makes any sense to you.  And hopefully my pictures will show you what I mean.

Last weekend was one of the few milder and sunnier weekends we’ve had here in a while. So it was a nice opportunity to go up to Piermont.  Tell me, how picturesque is this? Have  you ever seen marshlands this pretty?  I also love the effect of melting snow on the fringes.

And then as you enter the village, the main street is lined with typical small town shops. Very pretty.

Of course there are the New England-esque homes overlooking the river.  I thought that they were just so precious.

Barney House

I also took some shots of the marina and the Hudson.

The great thing about this place is that it isn’t so far from the city.  So you can have a place of respite and refuge without having to travel too far a remote area.

It’s an ideal bike destination.  It’s calm and tranquil aura meets you just when you think you are about to die on that bloody saddle.  It’s like seeing a soothing light at the end of the tunnel.  And once you’ve taken all this splendor in, it hits you:  It’s not over, you still gotta bike back to where you came from!


2 Responses to "Peering Into Piermont"

a fine slice of americana!!
such a gorgeous place.
somehow reminds me of the movie kindergarten cop (??)
now, i’m just afraid who you went biking with…

Kindergarten cop?? You just ruined the moment. But yes it’s a pretty place visit by car or by bike.

I biked with my posse! It’s still too cold (at least for me) to take the bike out.

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