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Shangri-Lala Land

Posted on: February 19, 2010

There simply aren’t enough words to express how great I think Shangri-La Boracay Island Resort and Spa is. I’m telling you now that whatever I write or post won’t do the place any justice. I’m tempted to grab photos from their official website but I figure the stuff on my camera will make this a more honest review (which is not to say their website is misleading). Shangri-Lala Land is something to be experienced first hand.

So here’s what it looks like when you fly by it…

It’s situated at the northwestern tip of our fave island and has two beaches. One of which is exclusively Shang’s. (The other one is shared with Club Panoly).

Getting there is easy. You take the 45 minute flight from Manila. When you land in Caticlan, the transfers are seamless. There’s a 2 minute ride to the port where Shang has it’s own lounge. Refreshments are served while your stuff is loaded on the speedboat and from there it’s less than 15 minutes to the resort.

You land at this jetty…

from which the view looks like this…

A golf buggy takes you to the main lobby which is a gorgeous, light-and-airy contemporary take on Asian-Filipino architecture.

It has lovely embellishments like a series of these fishy fountains

and these ball lanterns on water.

So what’re the beach and pool like?

First you need to know that the beaches do NOT have Boracay’s world renowned powdery sand. Shang’s sand is white but it’s


Still, it’s all good I guess since my LittleTwinBrats had no issues about playing with this quality sand. Though their excitement was at an altogether different level when they got to feel the island’s “real” sand outside the resort.

Having said that, the sand and beaches were far superior to anything I’ve seen in other places like Phuket or Bali. And at Shang you absolutely get the exclusivity you pay for.

My boys with the beach to themselves.

complimentary mineral water and chilled fruit cubes

This grassy patch by the beach has inviting hammocks strung between the trees.

The pool side is a welcome alternative to the beach. (Late January waters were a wee bit too chilly – at least for the first few minutes you get in). The pool is laid out with lots of little nooks and crannies where you’ll find “jacuzzi beds” and other charming water features.

This bahay kubo is part of the pool resto. To the left is a discreet little jacuzzi area.

Their cups runneth over...

La famille de Lala facing the walk way leading to the beach.

If for any reason you tire of the the water (I didn’t but LittleTwinBrat numero uno did), there’s still lots to do. Welcome to Adventure Zone…

There’s also the Entertainment Center which has billiards, pingpong, unlimited internet access on what looked like at least two dozen big screen computers, arcade basketball shooting, Wii, Playstation, boardgames – all for free and open till 1am in peak season.

On to the accommodations. The resort has over 200 rooms and villas. We stayed in the rooms which were very, very spacious.

Regular room by day (1 king sized bed and sofa bed).

Deluxe room by night (two queen sized beds and sofa bed). Spot remote control monster on middle bed.

Upon our request, we got to check out the different types of villas in the resort.

This is the Villa Palmera which has two bedrooms…

living area

your own lil pool

master bedroom (the other room had 2 queens)

This is the Villa Kanluran…

oops! only took a pic of the entrance!

Moving on… they brought us to the honeymooners’ split level villas which are made to house two adults (and two kids) max. This is the Loft Villa which are the little cream and brown houses you see on the hill from the shore.

sexy bathroom

living area

private pool... use your imagination...

LittleTwinDad stopping to pose

This is the Tree House villa which you see as the all-brown houses perched at the resort’s highest elevation.


living area

day off pic on the balcony


We also took a look at the resort’s (overpriced!) Chi Spa…

reception area entrance

Chi Spa reception lobby's floor-to-ceiling bamboo center piece

Chi Spa's private pool

Shang Bora has something for everyone – as you’ve just seen. While the island’s rep as a party place precedes it, LittleTwinHub and I found a much cooler place for a night cap. We came across it by accident really. We had wanted to hang out at the Entertainment Zone one night but it was closed. So as we were strolling by the beach we noticed there were lights on on this cliff…

We'd thought the whole time that it was a villa...

The roving security guy told us that it was the seafood restaurant and the bar. Whooohooo! The two are right beside each other in open but discreet spaces. I loved it because they built right on the jagged grey coral rock so sit and sip and admire nature’s work.

Can you see the gorgeous coral rock formation to the right?

drinks, bar snacks, full moon, cool wind - all you need for a chill bora night..

So save up so we can go together next time. (This on top of our other fab travel plans, of course!) The local resident’s rate is expensive but doable when it’s off peak season.


5 Responses to "Shangri-Lala Land"

Note to self: do not read Lala’s Shangri-la blog post after coming from the frigid east coast temps outside. It will make you cry in frustration.

This place rocks! I sooo wanna go! When? Ni @*$! idea! That’s Kiki’s way of saying no effin’ clue! Seriously, you really get your (parent’s) money’s worth here. Your photos were amazing!

Question: Is June considered peak season?

i will go with you guys…….

you know we were offered very low rates recently… i think 11k a night.

june! june! june!

june is definitely not peak season.
i think late may isn’t either 🙂
let’s doh it!

This place rocks! I sooo wanna go! Seriously, you really get money’s worth here. Your photos were amazing!

thank you 🙂

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