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Sulong, Laban!

Posted on: January 6, 2010

I have to commend a Presidentiable on his (or his camp’s) choice of music in his latest ad. The song, Posible, by Rivermaya and written by (sigh!) Rico Blanco gives me goosebumps. Certainly not in the form of the afore mentioned campaign but in this telecoms as I told you about years ago. I’m not sure if you ever got to see it. Globe came out with this as sponsors of the (2005?) South East Asian Games.

So I’m going to sing this song and think of Noynoy.

I really hope his camp churns out something fresh soon. And it better not be as ridiculously contrived as this migraine-inducing drivel which inspired nothing but annoyance. Am posting for those who haven’t see it yet. If you’ve seen it, I say skip it.

Our man’s gotta get people on his team who know better than to make a President (try to) look like an artista.

There’s a big forum on my side of town this Saturday. I’m excited! Will let you know all about it.


3 Responses to "Sulong, Laban!"

to tell you guys honestly, i have this nagging feeling that villar’s gonna win. he’s spending billions to campaign, his ads are genius, and now he has dolphy, pacman and willy by his side. i don’t trust him so i think it’s a scary thought. he’s using a “galing sa mahirap” angle which works. right now, he’s coming out as a more competent version of erap (who won) or fpj (who probably won).

but right now, any change is welcome, of course. i’d still like to see what whoever’ll-sit-there will do, no matter who that whoever will be.

as for gibo, yup good choice for the song. and although he’s my candidate of choice (for now) i don’t think he has a chance either. no one really knows him, and people who are pro him are really mainly the minority manilan intellectuals. he’s going to be that raul roco / salonga out-of-principle vote this time.

as for nonoy, honestly, i think he peaked already and is on a slow decline (as shown by polls), unless he makes big changes in his campaign. i think people aren’t in the mood for a reluctant leader playing the aquino card, talking in a “good vs. evil politics” sorta way.

so for your forum, perhaps you guys can tell him to be super duper specific on his plans — because right now he keeps saying “i will bring in the experts to discuss issues”. but given our situation, and the short 6-year term of his presidency, he needs to be decided and planned out on many issues this early on. but that’s me the political nerd talking… no one really listens to what they say.

to appeal to more, i think he needs to come out as simply fresher. but with a look like that, and a name like that, it’ll be hard i think… but he still definitely has a chance.

yun lang šŸ˜‰

I love that Posible song. I never got to see that video too.

1. Who is his Noynoy’s communications person? He/she needs to step up. They need to watch The West Wing. Haha! Seriously, there is a lot to be learned from that show.

Flower: Being a political nerd you must must watch Season 1 to 7. Very informative, thought provoking and inspiring.

2. Apart from the need for clear and proper communication of his platform, I think his once “pure” party needs to do some purging. Thanks to our balimbing nature, his party is turning out to look a lot like GMA’s party. And if he wins, the last thing we want to see are the same people in government.

3. Having said all that, he is still my guy. I still have a lot of faith in him. He just needs to be more assertive I guess.

But being so far away, what do I really know. I’m excited about you going to that forum. I say speak up, Lala! I think that is the perfect venue to address your concerns, being a voter and being his supporter. Tell me all about it ok?

yikes. here’s a pretty powerful anti article about your man.

sharing with you, since it’s best to keep your enemies closer, right?

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