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Would You Eat These Brownies?

Posted on: January 5, 2010

I plan to get better in the kitchen this year. But more than that I need my eldest LittleTwinBrat to eat better. So I dug up (and dusted off!) my (never used) copy of Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious and tried my hand at what I felt was the most intriguing recipe in that controversial tome:


So here’s what I thought…

It shouldn’t be called a “brownie” because it’s texture is too much of a departure from what I consider a brownie. Brownies – to me at least – should be slightly cake-y and crumbly. This one is extremely moist, not unlike a flourless chocolate cake but this has got flour. I would call it a “chocolate slice” or something like that. Not “brownie”.

The picture in the book has the brownies sprinkled with cocoa powder but I opted for confectioners sugar to add just a liiiitle more sweetness.

When I was slicing these babies up, I spotted a couple of spinach-y fibers which I really wish I didn’t.

But the winning factor is that Rocio loved them – and she knew they were made with vegetables. She had no problem polishing off a slice or two. She was even more thrilled when I told her she could have them for breakfast.

Am I having the brownies for breakfast? Uhm… no…


5 Responses to "Would You Eat These Brownies?"

OMG! They look delish! I’m happy to see that Roro (Lala, Kiki, Roro…haha!) loves them. Hell I’ll have those for breakfast if you won’t.

hey wee 🙂 maybe this should be the nich of sweet cheeks! maybe you should come up with the deceptively delicious line of goodies… i can even help you come up with them!

(oh no, be careful because i might really make it happen if you want me to haha)

i’d actually thought about that but the recipes need to be worked on… with all due respect to jessica seinfeld, hindi ako na sarapan sa pagkain niya!!

What a great idea! I say go for it! Just DOH it…and apologize later.

we’ll see… can’t think of anything aside from yehuda berg at the moment!!

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