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Here’s To You…

Posted on: January 2, 2010

…And being my rock solid pillar year in, year out.

Here’s to 365 mornings of sometimes mindless conversations.

Here’s to 365 mornings of free range dreaming, wishing and hoping.

Here’s to the seemingly mundane goals we achieved in 2009.  No matter how ordinary, we did it!

Here’s to Dad (and your second dad) who we we let go with a broken heart but with the comfort of knowing that he will always be with us.

Here’s to the 4th generation who has brought a fair share of laughter, frustration and love into our daily conversations.

Here’s to them again that we may (re) learn to see the world the way they do, with wonder and promise.

Here’s to our not yet manifesting grand travel plans.  We MUST make it happen.

Here’s to your moving out.  You MUST make it happen.

Here’s to my dream job which is inches within reach. I MUST make it happen.

Here’s to declaring IT and confidently knowing that the universe is conspiring to make it happen…at the right time.

Here’s to accepting disappointment because we know that we are where we are meant to be, constantly learning and forever evolving.

Here’s to our fears, that we may look them in the eye and say, bring it on!

Here’s to one more year of being proven that nothing is impossible and impossible is nothing.

Here’s to one more crazy ride in 2010 fueled by our Gemini passion and our gift of laughter.  I pray that we never lose this gift.

And finally in 2010, here is to always remembering that the first step to living your dream is to….


5 Responses to "Here’s To You…"

love it… sniff… sniff…
you caught me in a poke-me-and-i-cry moment too…

“Funny but it seems I always wind up here with you,
nice to know somebody loves me…”

Smile! I know you have a bum stomach but raise your imaginary scotch glass and say with me…TO NOOMSEEEE!

awww sweetness, you 2! see you both soonest. can’t wait.

Happy New Year, Flower! See you sooooooon… : )

[…] In the beginning of 2010, we toasted to another blessings-filled year and prayed for the courage to seize opportunities benevolently […]

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