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Posted on: January 28, 2010

Just wanted you to know that I’m sad you’re leaving soon… and I won’t even get to spend your last weekend in Manila with you.

How sad? This sad:

On the bright side – if there is one – at least I’ll have someone to text on my way to work again… and we can get this blog going since we’ll REALLY have to communicate this way… Sigh… Ganyan talaga ang buhay OFW…

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Since the 25th death anniversary of Ninoy Aquino in 2008 and with the death of Tita Cory last year, it’s become cool among Martial Law babies and those even younger to get all nostalgic about this beloved couple.

And why not?? The importance of understanding their sacrifice can’t be over emphasized in an age when we take so many aspects of freedom for granted. And good things have come of looking back – like the iamninoy campaign which is all bout becoming our own heroes when our generation’s quota for such has run out.

I also like the cool graphic tees that creative young Pinoys have churned out. These are from OhWe’reSoFilipino.

But here’s what bothers me…

Maybe I’m losing my sense of humor as I age.
Don’t get me wrong. I think as works of art these shirts are awesome and I WOULD happily purchase and wear them… EXCEPT there’s this little election coming up and a major issue is Noynoy’s supposedly riding on his parents’ name and gaining votes thanks mostly to sentimentality.

I’m sure that the folks who put out these lovely shirts are supporters of Noy and the Aquinos but is this really helping? What’s your take?

While I’m not the sort of person who looks like she needs to be on a diet, you and I both KNOW that I need to be eating better what with my tummy issues and all. So a few weeks ago I bought this:

Yes, yes I KNOW I need to exercise but I also know that the right FOOD (coupled with the afore mentioned exercise) will get me the firmer, flatter tummy that has eluded me since bringing two super brats to life.

I’ve started reading the book and should get to eating better SOON and exercising SOONER… but for now, can I use your being here as an excuse to put if off? ;p

Look what they forgot to take down.  I saw this as I was walking towards the gate for boarding at JFK.

Things that make you go hmmm…

A few years ago, Little twin friend here in New York told me about this book he was reading called Stumbling on Happiness written by author and psychologist Dan Gilbert. I never really got around to reading it but…

The happy Dan Gilbert

In a nutshell, he challenges the notion that happiness is achieving and acquiring everything we aspire for and desire.  If we don’t get what we want, we become dissatisfied and ultimately unhappy.  With ingenious research, he shows that happiness is not just a choice. Happiness is synthetic.  We as human beings are predisposed to create happiness.  Whoa! Heaveeey….

He says even if the worst things happen to us, we STILL have the capacity to be happy thanks to what he calls a psychological immune system. I suppose you can also call this resilience.  And this ability is actually where happiness resides.  You lose your job, you lose your loved one, you lose your legs, you still have the same capacity to be happy as someone who has his job, who is with a loved one and who has his legs.  Why? Because we are built that way.  Through intriguing experiments he is able to prove this hypothesis and write this book about it.

As I was aimlessly channel surfing, I stumbled on this PBS documentary called This Emotional Life.  Its a three part series hosted by Dan Gilbert.  It features real people who have “synthesized” happiness, enriched by personal relationships as a result of their lives not going the way they wanted or planned.  I’ve embedded some interesting videos of these real people and their real stories.  Look how unbroken they are in spite of.

It also features celebrities – people perceived as leading rich and fulfilled lives – sharing their thoughts on happiness.  The video below features Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame talking about happiness, intimacy and PORCUPINES…you might want to invite Little Twin Hubby to watch with you.  Kidding!

Does this mean that we simply settle? Our brains convince us that what we really wanted wasn’t REALLY what we wanted as a way of coping with disappointment, as some kind of a consolation?  Not really.  Check out the video below as Dr. Gilbert explains why.

This hypothesis sits well with me because as you know I managed to be content today having way less than I did four years ago when I made the big move.   Not that I can even put my fairly blessed life at the same level as these life survivors featured in the documentary, but this just makes sense to me.  As one of the people  in the documentary said, in moments of sadness and despair, you really don’t have a choice but to be happy.

So as we start the new year, let’s not just choose happiness.  Let’s create it!

I have to commend a Presidentiable on his (or his camp’s) choice of music in his latest ad. The song, Posible, by Rivermaya and written by (sigh!) Rico Blanco gives me goosebumps. Certainly not in the form of the afore mentioned campaign but in this telecoms as I told you about years ago. I’m not sure if you ever got to see it. Globe came out with this as sponsors of the (2005?) South East Asian Games.

So I’m going to sing this song and think of Noynoy.

I really hope his camp churns out something fresh soon. And it better not be as ridiculously contrived as this migraine-inducing drivel which inspired nothing but annoyance. Am posting for those who haven’t see it yet. If you’ve seen it, I say skip it.

Our man’s gotta get people on his team who know better than to make a President (try to) look like an artista.

There’s a big forum on my side of town this Saturday. I’m excited! Will let you know all about it.

I plan to get better in the kitchen this year. But more than that I need my eldest LittleTwinBrat to eat better. So I dug up (and dusted off!) my (never used) copy of Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious and tried my hand at what I felt was the most intriguing recipe in that controversial tome:


So here’s what I thought…

It shouldn’t be called a “brownie” because it’s texture is too much of a departure from what I consider a brownie. Brownies – to me at least – should be slightly cake-y and crumbly. This one is extremely moist, not unlike a flourless chocolate cake but this has got flour. I would call it a “chocolate slice” or something like that. Not “brownie”.

The picture in the book has the brownies sprinkled with cocoa powder but I opted for confectioners sugar to add just a liiiitle more sweetness.

When I was slicing these babies up, I spotted a couple of spinach-y fibers which I really wish I didn’t.

But the winning factor is that Rocio loved them – and she knew they were made with vegetables. She had no problem polishing off a slice or two. She was even more thrilled when I told her she could have them for breakfast.

Am I having the brownies for breakfast? Uhm… no…

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