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NYC InSights 2

Posted on: December 22, 2009

A few weeks ago I made a trip back to my school to meet an old professor/adviser.  I decided to document my “sort of homecoming” with the intention of showing you the place I called home for 2 years.

The Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service is located in this historic building, The Puck Building.  If you used to watch Will & Grace, then this building will look very familiar to you.

NYU Wagner was named after Mayor Robert Wagner, a three term mayor (like Mayor Mike Bloomberg) who focused his resources in building public housing and schools.  He created the City University of New York system and established the very popular Shakespeare in Central Park among others.   Below is a portrait of the mayor that hangs in the lobby of NYU Wagner.   Sorry for this pathetic excuse of a shot…

I used to come here to meet with classmates and professors.  Its a great open space which was very conducive to interactions – intellectual and otherwise.  Here are some other shots I took while waiting for my meeting to start.

On my way out of Puck, I saw this guy on a track bike (bisikleta na naman!).  I was amazed by how graceful he maneuvered through the traffic.  I just had to take his picture.

I then headed to midtown for our office holiday party.  It was held in the penthouse of one of those high-rises along Lexington Avenue.  Check out the breath-taking view.

David Copperfield lives up there. I kid you not.


1 Response to "NYC InSights 2"

What a lovely building 🙂 I love the white pillars.

Funny, I was just on the 37th floor in the office of LittleTwinDad/President and as I looked out the window I thought; ugh this is not such a nice view… It must be nice to live in a place with lots of corrected tikkune ;p

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