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Posted on: December 13, 2009

I recently visited the One of a Kind New York Show and Sale at Pier 94.  Its an annual show of hand made products from producers all over the US and Canada. After many many years, the show is finally held here in New York.

So in I marched with my camera in hand only to find out that I couldn’t take pictures. Boo!  Not to worry, I managed to steal a few shots here and there for you to see.  Here then are some of the interesting finds in the show.

Neva Paintings is made by an artist who does custom mixed media portraits.  She had a few in her booth which I liked.

Using personal photos, she applies hand painting techniques to create custom art works that highlight the unique personalities of her subjects.

Smiten Kitten is based in Toronto, ON and makes a variety of fun and functional items from vintage material.  All her items in the show were made out of vintage silk scarves.  Check it out.

Brooches made from silk scarves

Monkey Chow sells quirky illustrations which I found very cute.

"I just pooped my pants"

"Lions are liars"

Here’s another illustrator that is far out humorous.  Greg Stones illustrations are bordering loopy but I really liked them.  I was particularly interested in his penguin series.


Penguins too need to poop.

buh-bai penguin

Soto and Torres makes bags from vintage dresses.

Rogue Confections make belgian-like chocolates with vintage inspired patterns on them.  The chocolates were nothing exceptional, neither were the “vintage inspired” prints.  It’s just a good idea for giveaways in a corporate event or wedding.

I also visited Rebel Designs. They make bags and jewelry with cutting edge designs. I liked them a lot.  Unfortunately I couldn’t snap any photos.  So I just linked their website for you to see.

These are just some of the products showcased in the event. While I was amused by the creative ideas born from very simple and every day things, I wasn’t exactly blown away. Honestly, I am more impressed by the quality of work and designs of our home grown pinoy talent.  We should have an community that promotes this treasure to the world.


3 Responses to "Hand Made Haven"

you’re right… the stuff was just “ok”.
we have way nicer hand made things here.

we do have our own version on “etsy”!
it’s called multiply hahaha 🙂

thanks for coming out to the pier. it was the first show i’ve ever done at that scale and I had a lot of fun meeting the other artists there. greg stones is pretty amazing, and we often end up at shows together here and there. but if you like him and me, check out James Poliskys stuff (he’s my girlfriends current favorite artist):

Hi Aaron! I really liked your work. I’m thinking of getting some after the new year so I’ll definitely be visiting your site more often. Thanks too for directing me to James Poliskys’ stuff. Hope to see your work around more often. More Power!

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