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Posted on: December 6, 2009

What’s a girl who has nothing on her Black Friday wish list to do on the day after Thanksgiving? Since I had no interest in buying electronics or shopping in the mall, I headed over to the Garment District with two girlfriends (Yes Kiki has girlfriends!) and went shopping for tela.   We went to Mood Fabrics.  If you watch Project Runway then you would be very familiar with this store.

As you very well know, I am no shopper much more a fashionista but I had a blast getting lost in this labyrinth of fabric and channeling the non-existent designer in me.  It was overwhelming to be amidst all these fabric options and a challenge trying to visualize them as finished products.  What a fun mental exercise!  For some bizarre reason I felt like I was doing a puzzle. Haha! So check out some of the shots I took.

A variety of beautiful silk jerseys that made me salivate

Dainty prints in the silk jersey section

Endless corridors of fabric

And even more!

Little Twin-girlfriend measuring with the uber helpful staff

Designer fabrics from Pucci, to Dior to Carolina Herrera

Designer prints from Pucci to Dior to Carolina Herrera


And more...

Pretty sashes in a row

Handles for bags

Mood fabrics is conveniently located very close to my office so I will definitely be dropping by more often.  I’d be happy to take you here WHEN you visit.


2 Responses to "In The Mood"

my question is… WHO are your girlfriends??!!

Haha! See I’m making an effort to collect girlfriends rather than boyfriends….hahahahahaha!

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