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Award Winning Healthcare Ads

Posted on: November 18, 2009

With healthcare being the issue du jour in this neck of the woods, the Clio Awards has created a new awards category: healthcare.  I’m always curious to see how healthcare companies attempt to make their ads as interesting as possible.  How do you market medical equipment, for example?  Or how do you maintain the fleeting attention of TV viewers in this age of 500 + channels when you want to sell them hearing aids?  So I guess recognizing the creative efforts of the healthcare industry to advertise their wares would be in order here.  Here are some of the tvc’s that made it as finalists.

These first two are by GE.  I found them so cute.

I liked this next one too. Very clever.

Here’s another one.  We should show this to Lolo.  Who knows, this might motivate him to get a better hearing aid.

These are just some of the ads that caught my attention.  Click here to see the others.


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