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Knit-tle Shop On The Corner

Posted on: November 12, 2009

After your cyber declaration to take up knitting I thought I’d show you what I have right on the corner of my apartment.  It’s called Patricia’s Yarns.  It’s a cozy little shop nestled in the heart of Hoboken where you can find the best yarns which Patricia (the owner) hand picked in her many travels.  She’s also created an inviting little space for avid knitters to meet regularly and well, knit. Think Meg Ryan’s quaint children’s bookstore in You’ve Got Mail only yarn instead of books.



As I was saying, she hosts knitting groups where men (you’ll be surprised) and women gather around her table to knit and chat and have some wine and knit some more.  I pass her shop every night on my way home and its always filled with happy people just knitting away.   Every time I pass the shop I always toy with the idea of learning how to knit.


So imagine my delight when I read that you were going to learn!  You have to admit, we have been surfing on the same wave length lately…creepy!  Anyway, check out her website and take a look-see.  If there is anything that you fancy, let me know and I’ll bring it home with me.  It will also be a good excuse for me to visit that charming little shop on the corner.


5 Responses to "Knit-tle Shop On The Corner"

how fun is that??
i’m still too amateur to be ordering stuff but i will blog about
my (re)starting knitting.
you should try it – mucho THERAPEUTIC!

Yeah I think I will get into it in the winter…

wee.. candy has a knitting group. “stitch and bitch” or something like that…

OMG! There’s a knitting group here called stitch and bitch too…cool!

you really need a group!
especially me! i keep making mistakes!

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